Tips for traveling with a kayak

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There comes a time you will like to explore other rivers. It is the dream of every water-sport lover. But as the thought of traveling crosses your mind, start thinking of how to travel with that kayak.

You might think it is the same experience as moving with your traveling bag, but this is entirely different.  In fact, it is becoming more challenging and inconveniencing to travel by air with a boat these days. On top of that, the kayak accessories will also take up quite a fair amount of space in your luggage bag.

But there is no need to worry or think about it all day. Follow these tips on how you can move with a kayak to any location.


1.    Ensure the kayak is well concealed

As funny as it may sound, many airline staff does not understand or know a thing about the whitewater kayak. So you are at an advantage if you conceal your kayak correctly before getting there. If the boat is in a cute bag, you can use the term “wave surfer” to describe your boat to help the airline understand what you kept there.

Sometimes, I pack more stuff in my kayak when adequately concealed. The best the counter person can do is to charge me for overweight or oversize. But there is no way he or she will charge for both.

2.    Act in a friendly manner

You will unquestionably be put off and get angry at the way most airport staff will treat you. But do not allow that to affect you in any way. Even if you are treated in a manner you don’t like, try to calm yourself and respond to them politely until you get what you want. A simple smile and joke can unlock the heart of even the most hardened airport person.

Try to be friendly that is the best you can give. You need to stand out from the crowd to receive the best service sometimes.

3.    Is there an option to rent a kayak?

A little research and inquisitiveness can solve most of our problems. If you remain quiet while traveling with a kayak, you might need to spend more or miss out on relevant information. Find out if the destination you are heading to have an option for you in renting a kayak. And if you have a particular kayak, one you cannot do without, you can check if they have that one in store.

If you are traveling with your kayak, you may have to sell it before leaving considering the cost of transporting it back, which could be around $400. You will be able to make more money from the sales and save yourself from spending more to carry it back.

4.    Find out more about the airline

You need to get more details about your airline; what they allow and what they don’t approve. If the company permits the transportation of kayak, you will find every detail you need on their website. You can also make out time to visit the airline or transport company to find out things for yourself.


You will have less to worry about when moving to another location without a kayak. But when you involve a kayak, you need to plan your journey especially now that traveling with one is stressful.

However, the above tips will help you get past this hurdle and make the right decision.




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