Exploring the Mustard City: Hidden Gems, Things to Do While Visiting Rochester, Minnesota

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Whether you’re traveling to Rochester for a week or just passing through, you may find it difficult to see and do everything you want in a limited time frame. Don’t worry; we have you covered! But before you start exploring the Mustard City, you should take proper safety precautions.


How to Stay Safe While Exploring Rochester

Rochester has a safety index of 50, tying with New York. In general Rochester isn’t that safe, especially when it comes to minor crimes like theft, robberies, and break-ins. Homicide rates are also high for the state. Many homicides occur because a motor vehicle strikes a pedestrian. 

To stay safe in Rochester, be alert to your surroundings. Plan ahead, trust your instincts, and hide your valuables. If you’re about to be a victim of a mugging, hand over your things.

If you were unfortunately injured in Rochester, Minnesota, you should contact a local personal injury law firm like Nicolet Law. They can help you navigate the courts and get compensation.

10 Things to See When You’re in Rochester

You’re traveling to Rochester, Minnesota, and need to know what to do. Good news! There are plenty of ways to stay busy! Here are 10 activities that you must try when you’re in town. 

1. Visit the Quarry Hill Nature Center

The Quarry Hill Nature Center is a beautiful 330-acre natural museum and park where you can explore nature trails and enjoy scenic views of the surrounding area. It’s worth a visit.

2. Tour the Mayo Clinic & Museum

Get a peek inside the world’s most famous medical center and learn about the history of the Mayo Clinic and the greater Rochester impact. They offer guided and self-guided tours.

3. Attend a Live Music Performance

Live music is a hallmark of Rochester. From outdoor summer concerts to intimate jazz clubs, you’ll find plenty of opportunities to get your groove on, especially at the Mayo Civic Center. 

4. Explore Plummer House

Visit the Plummer House, a historic Victorian home turned museum that offers guided tours. Here, you can learn about the famous Plummer family and gain insight into Minnesota’s history. 

5. Discover the Art of Downtown

Rochester is home to a number of galleries and creative spaces. From the Rochester Art Center to Art on 1st, you’re sure to find both visual and performance art that appeals to you. 

6. Hike the Douglas State Trail

Experience the stunning outdoors and get your daily dose of exercise with a hike along the exhilarating Douglas State Trail. Or bike the trail if you want to complete all 12.5 miles of it.

7. Visit the History Museum

Discover the city’s fascinating past at the Rochester History Museum. Explore the exhibits and learn all about the area’s historical significance, including why it was called the “Queen City.”

8. Have a Picnic in Silver Lake Park

Looking for a peaceful way to relax? Visit Silver Lake Park, a green oasis located in the heart of Rochester. Sit under a shady tree and enjoy a picnic or take a kayak down the river bank.

9. Stroll Around Peace Plaza

Enjoy the vibrant downtown energy and treat yourself to a leisurely stroll around the Peace Plaza. Pass some time admiring the modern architecture, sculptures, and the “Peace Tree.” 

10. Enjoy a Beer at The Daily Refresher

Make sure to stop at the Daily Refresher for great drinks. It’s a local favorite that’s always packed with people. Try one of their 300 whiskeys and pair it with one of their yummy burgers.

These are the 10 must-do activities for your visit to Rochester. From cultural centers to outdoor adventures, you’re sure to enjoy a memorable experience. Just remember to stay safe.



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