How to help parents free phone tracker

Image Credit The world is evolving continuously with the emerging technologies, and now we are using many advanced technologies and amazing applications which we have never imagined in the older days. Now we wouldn’t imagine our lives without these fantastic technologies. Smartphone apps have enormously changed our lives in several ways, and it expands its horizon faster than our Internet speeds. The Google Play store has over 3 million Android

Kick Start Your Morning Run with Jaybird Run True Wireless Headphones.@jaybirdsport, @BestBuy

Now that the weather is warmer, I’m ready to get outdoors! I’m ready to kick start my morning run with the new Jaybird Run True Wireless Headphones. You see, I love music, but I don’t like using wired ear plugs when I workout. I can’t tell you how many times I have lost my earplugs while running. I do know I have had to replace my earplugs so many times

Logitech Harmony Elite Universal Remote with Alexa and Google Home Compatibility! @BestBuy

When I was younger I’ve always been fascinated with gadgets. Whenever our telephone would break down I was the one who would fix it. There’s something about electronics and technology that highlights my day! Even now with all these new smart home tech devices, I love seeing what each one can do. With the use of Alexa in my home I seem to rely on her a lot to control

4 Industries That Will Benefit Immensely from the Internet of Things

Image Credit The Internet of Things, simply put, refers to the concept of integrating Internet-capable technologies into products, appliances, devices, and processes that didn’t have them before, in the interest of making them more efficient for their intended purpose. It’s one of the many trends that have caught on in quite a number of industries, and nearly all of them have benefitted massively from it. Here are some examples of

Gift Dad The MYNT ES Tracker This Father's Day!  @Slightech

Summer is within our grasp! The warm kisses from the sun, and gentle hugs from a cool breeze is all we’re dreaming of. Digging your toes into the sand while searching for our lost keys… Ah, no. I don’t think that’s a blissful moment we all yearn for; however, it is a situation we all know too well. Misplaced keys, wallets, and more are a nightmare when time is of

I'm Loving The New Bose SoundWear Companion Speaker!  @Bose, @BestBuy

Music is my life!!! I kid you not, the moment I hit the floor I turn on my music. I believe I own so many different gadgets it’s crazy. Many though are not wearable speakers like the new Bose SoundWear Companion Speaker. I would have to say once again Bose has out done themselves with this speaker. For the last few days I’ve been enjoying listening to jazz and WOW! The

Father's Day Gifts: Affordable Tech Your Kids Can Get Dad

Image Credit When your husband is a self-proclaimed tech-geek, it’s a mixed blessing around gift-giving holidays like Father’s Day. Finding something he’d like is a cinch. All you have to do is open up Google to find a seemingly endless list of gadgets. It doesn’t matter how far away they have to travel; these gadgets are delivered straight to your door in a matter of days. There’s just one problem:

Printed Circuit Board Basics | Design & Components

 Image Credit The statement is, undoubtedly, true that PCBs or the printed circuit boards are the backbones of the entire electronics industry and a major component of the technological revolution. Almost, every electronic device that we use; employ PCBs. However, a majority of us lack the basic knowledge about the technology behind PCBs. Following guide explains the fundamentals of PCBs design and production so as to have a simple basic

Stranger Than Fiction: Top Movie Inventions That Came True

Image:  It can be fascinating sometimes, to finish up watching a movie with some incredible sci-fi inventions and think to yourself just how much life would change if those remarkable inventions were actually true. It’s certainly not an uncommon thought, as even in the eighties (and much earlier), people were leaving the theatres wondering what would happen if the crazy inventions they saw in that film actually came true. In

Working With MPP, PSF, And MDI File Extensions

Image credit Working With MPP, PSF, And MDI File Extensions Some file extensions might be a bit confusing for average users. If you have received a very important file in MPP extension and you do not know how to open it, you should keep on reading this article which will explain you about MPP file extension and how to deal with such files.   How should you deal with MPP

Must Have Technologies for Web Hosting Providers

 Image Credit A good web host ought to support all web technologies that you need for your website; otherwise, you might lose customers due to lack of important features. Although there are many web hosts, you might not find the technologies you need in most of them. That is why you have to shop around and take time to scrutinize the kind of technologies offered by leading companies. If you

Is That A Bird?! A Plan?! NO, It's A UFO Turntable.  #HappyMothersDay  #Rock 'N' Rolla UFO Turntable

Look out everyone theirs a new musical sheriff in town called the Rock ‘N’ Rolla UFO Turntable.   You don’t have to look any further for that special gift for mom because the moment she lay her eyes upon this retro Rock ‘N’ Rolla UFO Turntable. She’s going to jump for joy! If mom love to rock out to her favorite tunes, I think she may love the new Rock “N”

The home automation technology you should probably have by now

Image Credit Whether you’re an early or late adapter, it seems we’re all starting to arrive at the same party when it comes to home automation technology. With nearly 20% of ‘Smart Homes’ already in existence in 2018, and that number expected to hit 37.6% by 2022, it’s clear that this is definitely not “just a phase”. Now, if we think of a “smart home” as the party and the

The Importance of Quality Web Design in a Digital Marketing Campaign

Image Credit In today’s connected world, if you’re not online, then you’re already twenty paces behind if not more. Not being online is no longer an option for companies that want to get ahead and whether you’re in the B2B or B2C sector having an engaging platform for sell your products and services is paramount to get you in front of the masses. It’s not enough to have a basic

KingRoot For Windows

No doubt everybody has heard the word “root” from some techies or advanced Android users. But what does it really mean? Further follows a rather detailed introduction to the topic of rooting Android devices and some explanations on how to do it and what to do before trying to root a device using the KingRoot. What is “rooting”. To cut the long story short, “root Android” means getting access to

How Technology Promotes Healthy Lifestyle

Technology has taken all aspects of our lives by storm. It has been the key driver of the seismic changes witnessed in the healthcare industry. In the last four decades, advances in medicine have helped increase our average lifespan by over 10 years. Technology is continually developing and dramatically improving the quality of life of millions. Here’s a closer look at how the technological advances can help you live healthier.


We live in a modern world. It is the world of new technologies. In fact, these technologies can make our life easier and better. If you are thinking about home automation projects, you may have heard about linear actuators. In a case, if you decided to use these actuators, this article is right for you. In collaboration with experts from, we are going to look through the main advantages

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Well, if you’re seeking to up your game on a new Chromebook, now is the time to meet the Pixelbook — the new high performance Chromebook — and Pixelbook Pen1  — the smart, responsive stylus — designed to enhance the way you work and play.   It’s the first laptop with the Google Assistant built in2, so you’ll be able to get more done faster and smarter. From its ultra-thin design

Make your project more attractive and visible with royalty free music

Image Credit You may require forming or composing your own music for the upcoming creative projects related to various aspect of your work. May it be a good presentation addressing a particular mass or may it be some kind of corporate PowerPoint, getting the music that will serve your purpose and can add that special effect to any sort of project you want, are easily available at an affordable rate.

The Guide to Buying the Best New Tech

Just think – only twenty years ago, cell phones were the size of house bricks, and laptop computers were only on the brink of existence. It’s barely comprehensible to think how quickly technology has progressed in such a short space of time, when prior to the first computer being made, some people in the USA still didn’t even have electricity in their homes.   In 2018, new tech advances, gadgets and