Australia’s Most Beautiful Paradise To Visit

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Considered as the world’s sixth-largest country by land, Australia is dubbed as one of the premier tourist destinations in the world. Boasting with its amazing natural wonders and wide-open spaces, particularly its renowned white beaches and lush tropical feature, indeed, it’s a perfect escape you should consider at least once in your life!

If it is your first time visiting this paradise country, Australia will definitely exceed your expectations and surely leave you with great pleasure. And with companies like Absolute Australia luxury tours providing many different trips, there is certainly a place in Australia that you will enjoy! If you have not made up your mind where to go and see, this piece will guide you to the most beautiful paradise island in Australia – a glimpse as to why many travelers keep coming back in the country!


1. Bruny Island

Located off the south-eastern coast of Tasmania, Australia, Bruny is a short trip south of Hobart and is a great little getaway. Bruny Island is Tasmania’s premier island destination with its mesmerizing natural beauty. If you visit, make sure you check out the rare albino wallabies that frequent the caravan park end of Adventure Bay.

If you are thinking of visiting this island, a 30-minute drive from Hobart to Kettering is the easiest route you should take. From Kettering, you can take the 20-minute ferry trip which will take you to the paradise island.

Surrounded by many yet affordable accommodations, resto-bars, pubs and tour experiences, Bruny Island will definitely live up to your expectations. With its amazing coasts, snorkeling is the best activity to go to due to the island’s promising marine life and various endangered species, such as fairy penguins, fur seals and white wallabies. Bushwalking is likewise a common activity on the island of Bruny. Locals and tourists from around the globe are amazed by the charm of the island, making your bushwalking a worthwhile adventure.

2. Fitzroy Island

Want a great view of the Great Barrier Reef? A Fitzroy Island day trip is just right to make your Australian escapade a perfect one. Fitzroy Island offers a whole-day tour from Cairns where a 45-minute boat ride will take you to a breathtaking journey to the ocean and renowned reef.

Fitzroy Island is only 45-minute away from Cairns and is easily reached through regular ferry transfers via air-conditioned Fitzroy Flyer. Once you reached the island, you can either enjoy lounging in the pristine white sand of Nude Beach or go snorkeling amongst its abundant marine life and see if you can spot Fitzroy Island’s famous clownfish or sea turtles! Give kayaking a go when you think you’ve had enough snorkeling.

If you’re into an experienced side of hiking and want to be one with nature, worry no more as Fitzroy Island is composed of around 97% National Park – offering you the perfect sanctuary for a peaceful yet meaningful walk. Fitzroy Island is home to the most breathtaking natural landscapes and rainforest, making your adventure worth the hike. Cap off the day by eating a sumptuous meal by the beach while enjoying the majestic sunset view of the island.

3. Trigg Beach

Located approximately 14 km from Perth, Trigg Beach is another must-see attraction in Australia because of its, rock-free beach that is frequented by both locals and tourists alike. It is also a popular attraction for surfers, as it has waves that suit different levels of surfing proficiency.

The section near Trigg Island has powerful waves that are enjoyed by many advanced surfers, while the rest of the beach allows surfers of all ages and skill levels to execute their style moves. If you’re travelling with your kids, bring them with you went you go to Trigg Beach.  Explore the beachside park that has a nice playground where kids can play and run around.

4. Cottesloe Beach

This is a major beach destination that boasts of clear turquoise water, and more than a kilometer of white sand. It is situated between Perth CBD and the port of Fremantle; it can be easily accessed through public transportation.

Whether you are travelling to see its world-famous sunset, or you just want to enjoy various water activities, Cottesloe is a must-see tourist attraction, especially from October to April when the sunny weather is uninterrupted by rain.

5. Rottnest Island

Situated 19 km from the port city of Fremantle, Western Australia, Rottnest Island is a must-visited attraction when travelling to Australia.  The island is most known for its amazing beaches and for the cute quokkas which are the only mammal native to the island.

Offering more than 63 astonishing beaches, bays and top spots, Rottnest Island is becoming more and more popular for both locals and tourists alike because of the variety of things to do on the island. Another fascinating fact about this island is that no cars can be seen in this paradise so everyone is forced to walk or cycle in order to explore the charm it offers.

For current travel information, you can also view the traveler’s guide to Rottnest Island which is a great read for those wishing to travel to the island.



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