5 Simple Tips to Stay Healthy & Fit on the Family Vacation

A family vacation is foremost a period to relax and enjoy the time off. From the children’s perspective, this is an ideal opportunity to have fun running around and engaging in all sorts of fun activities. That is why staying healthy all throughout your vacation should a top priority of both parents. If just one member of the gang is down with flu, then the holiday will be ruined for everyone, so it is important to prepare well. Furthermore, you can seriously consider getting exercise while away from home. This will help you stay hale and the kids won’t even notice their fitness levels improve.


Allocating time


First thing’s first: out of all the scheduled activities, sometimes family training sessions don’t get enough and even no time at all. This occurs due to the fact that you think low about the mixture of physical activity and vacation time. Such a stance needs to end now, as you should seek to allocate at least one hour of fitness time per day. More than often, this time will be incorporated in everyday activities like visiting the beach. Instead of listing through Instagram, you can race your kids on the beach. It is a proven fact that exercising barefoot on sand has multiple health benefits.



Wherever you decide to book your holiday, there are bound to be flights of stairs. These might be located in the hotel or you might need to descend a hillside using a bus. All of these activities involve sitting or standing, which are not good for you and do not count as a proactive holiday. That is why you should opt to walk to all the locations in the place of your stay. Even large cities can be navigated on foot with the help of Google Maps and similar maps. You are not only staying active while strolling but you are getting more family time that would be lost in transport.

Hiking for hours


Speaking about the importance of mobility, hiking is one of the best activities that you can take up while vacationing. First of all, it can be performed by everyone since you set the pace so the kids can keep up (their legs are shorter if nothing else, keep this in mind). Secondly, you can hike, stroll, and walk in pretty much any destination, from a seaside resort to a mountain cabin. The final upside to hiking is that it requires little to no gear. All you really need to do is find the best hiking shoes online, choose the matching sizes, and set off into the unknown! P.s. Not literally, of course, stay on the market trail so as not to get lost.

The importance of dieting right


When you’re home, you get to choose what the whole family eats. Whether this is a home-cooked meal or a trip to the nearest pizza place, you are in control when it comes to eating a balanced diet. However, once you hit the road, you often become, sort to say, forced to eat fast or/and unhealthy food. Bad nutrition can lead to health issues over time so you need to take more care about that you and the kids are being served. Check with hotels and restaurants do they offer organic food menus and if there are children’s menus available. Finally, don’t forget to rehydrate often, as a water bottle should make its way in the car and in the bag so it can be drunk at all times.

Plan ahead!


We all need a break sometimes, but this simple truth far too often slips our minds. One of the biggest pieces of advice we can give you on staying healthy and fit on a vacation is to actually embark on one! You would be surprised by how many families decide not to go on a vacation together. In order not to resemble these dysfunctional families, make sure you plan the trip well ahead. For instance, you can tell your kids in March that you’re going to Hawaii in July, which will fil their little hearts full of expectation. They will finish all their chores in order to be ready for a beach holiday. You can also check the Vacations Made Easy site if you’re not sure on the things to do in Nashville this weekend.

Furthermore, if you plan for an active holiday, you needn’t stay long. In some cases, a city-break lasting mere three days will be enough for everyone to charge their batteries and return home safe and sound. The local park would then serve as the ideal ground for fitness activities you should plan before the trip.

The secret to staying healthy and fit on a family vacation is proper organization. First, you need to realize the importance of health and physical activity and then plan for a proactive holiday. Once you do this, decide on the actual activities that you intend to include in your little fitness schedule, like hiking, beachfront jogging or cycling. Just make sure that all the activities you settle on are 100% family-friendly so all the members of the family can enjoy them together.



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