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Signs You Are in a Right Relationship

They say relationships are like yard sales, attractive from a far but a bunch of junk in close view. Point is, relationships can be very tricky things. They can be very difficult to navigate sometimes and other times you realize you have been in the wrong relationship for quite a long period of time.

Sometimes there are those who get overly comfortable with the state of unhappiness that they forgot what happiness actually looks like and they don’t even think or feel like they can do better.

However, when you are in the right relationship, things tend to be different. You smile bigger, the sun shines brighter, you never run out of cute things to say to your girlfriend, and even doing chores becomes more fun.

You Tend Some Time Apart, Doing Things You Love

When you are in the right relationship, your significant other understands that sometimes you need time alone to do the things you love. Maybe you are a gamer, and she loves Pinterest, and those are not things you can do together.

We all tend to want time just to do the things that we love and being in the right relationship means that you have a partner who understands that and allows that. This doesn’t mean you are bored of each other, it only means that you appreciate each other enough to respect that.

You Spend Time Doing Things You Love Together

Its recommended to do what he likes and what she likes. But the icing on the cake is when you both have things you like and do them together occasionally. There a couple of things couples can do together like hiking, watching the super bowl, mountain biking, or even playing paintball.

If you have nothing in common and can’t even seem to find stuff you both enjoy, then you are definitely in the wrong relationship.

You Have Separate Friends and Common Friends as Well

Being in the right relationship means finding a balance between your partner’s friends and your social circle, as well as your shared circle. If you miss these elements then chances are you are in the wrong relationship.

Your Fights are Productive

People in right relationships understand that fighting is never about winning, it is also never about getting your point across to your partner, even though sometimes that ugly turn is pursued.

Productive fights are more about understanding your partner, finding a common ground, respecting each other throughout the process, and compromising. If after every fight you feel like you have won then you are actually doing it wrong.

Your Family and Friends Like You Together

You always have to pay attention to your family and friend’s feedback when it comes to your relationship. It is the easiest way to know if you are in the right relationship. Your family and friends tend to have your best interest at heart, so when the feedback is mostly negative, that’s a bad sign.

However, that isn’t always the case in some relationships because not everyone is enthusiastic to your relationship. However, the overall sense you receive should be positive most of the time.

You Maintain Your Self-identity

You have to always celebrate who you are and your partner should also do the same. You will be able to appreciate each other more if you maintain your self-identity. If you are in the right relationship, both you and your partner need to continuously nurture, improve, develop yourself.

 Disagreements are Respectful

In any relationship, it is natural not to agree on most things, it happens. Everything isn’t perfect in the right relationship. Its more about partners maintaining respect when things aren’t going as expected.

Disagreeing will happen, but what will separate those disagreements is whether both of you do it respectfully. This ensures that there are no efforts to change your partner’s feelings, no hurt feelings, no hard feelings. You don’t always have to agree on everything and that’s okay.

You Have The Same Passion For Your Future Together

There are a number of guys who are not interested in settling down. If this is he type of guy you are dating then you are doing foul. In the right relationship, both of you should be enthusiastic about your future together.

Even though not everything lasts forever, if you share a vision for the future and what it entails you will be in a much better position than those who don’t even discuss that topic.

You Better Each Other

Your partner is supposed to make you better. The way they live their life can be a source of encouragement that pushes you to be better. Your girlfriend’s writing may inspire you to run, or your love for running may inspire her to start running.

Improving yourselves through the inspiration of your partner is a back and forth. You need to make each other better otherwise you are in the wrong relationship if that isn’t the case.

Both of You are Attracted To Each Other Mind, Body, and Spirit

When you first meet them, you instantly or after some time get attracted to them and that may have motivated the pursuit of a relationship. But you also needed to be attracted to their mind and spirit.

You need to be aware of whether or not you can have conversations with them years from now when you are both old. If you are excited about random and late-night conversations as you would be about what happens when between your sheets then you are in the right relationship.


The right relationship is built upon all the above and much more. For example, you need to trust that you are with someone who can keep your secrets, someone with home you make a good team together, someone you can enjoy mundane tasks with, some you are sexually compatible, as well as someone you share financial goals with.

You need to do a relationship audit, if you feel that you are in the wrong relationship, you need to get out of it now and save yourself heartbreak and time wastage.



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