Tile Lock Scrabble, Upwords and Clue from Winning Moves Games

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I just love Winning Moves Games!  They have every game I can ever remember playing when I was a child through growing up.  The latest games I received to review are Tile Lock Scrabble, Upwords and the notorious Clue.

Winning Moves Tile Lock Scrabble

First up Tile Lock Scrabble.

One of my favorite games has been Scrabble.  I love the thinking part of it.  Trying to figure out what word I can play next with the letters given to me. One of the aggravating things about the board that has always bothered me is that the pieces can easily be jostled and this, of course, messes up the whole board.

With Tile Lock Scrabble all of your pieces will stay in place so you do not need to worry about your played words being messed up.

  • Ages:8 and up
  • Players:2 to 4
  • Contents:Official plastic Scrabble gameboard with tile lock system, 100 plastic Scrabble letter tiles, 4 plastic tile racks, 1 drawstring tile bag and instructions.

Winning Moves Upwords

Next, we have Upwords.

This is one game I have never really had to opportunity to play.  Now I can!  As you can see I enjoy games that involve me making words.  I always enjoyed playing word games with my kids, it was like helping them learn while making it fun.  The neat thing about Upwords is you build words in a building fashion.

Upwords has been sending word builders soaring to new heights ever since the game debuted in 1983. Now, the Classic 80’s version is back! The 8×8 gameboard grid and 64 letter tiles challenge players to think “upside” the box!

  • Ages:10 and up
  • Players:2- 4
  • Contents:Plastic game board unit with 8×8 grid, 4 plastic tile racks, 64 letter tiles and illustrated instructions

Winning Moves Clue

Finally CLUE!…yes Clue.  

So very many memories I have with playing Clue with my brother and sister! Then there was my Dad….very competitive, I can still hear him saying , “was it Colonel Mustard in the Ballroom with the kniiiifffe?”…. he was so good at it.

The suspects you know, in the mansion you remember, with the weapons you love! Yes, this is Classic Clue!

  • Ages:8 and up
  • Players:3 to 6
  • Contents:Gameboard, 6 suspect tokens, 6 weapons, deck of suspect, weapon and room cards, confidential case file, detective notebook pad, die and rules.

Stop by Winning Moves to see their selection of fun family games.  They have games to make any family night FUN!

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