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We all love getaways! I mean, who wouldn’t like to visit South Carolina to enjoy some waves on Myrtle Beach or go to Chicago for a romantic getaway at a Sybaris hotel?

While everyone can enjoy a getaway, not everyone loves planning vacations. No one likes searching every single hotel website only to find that their dream hotel doesn’t allow pets or doesn’t have a gym. What I love about HotelPlanner is that you can ask all these questions up front, before you start your search. Then you’ll get a list of all options that fit your criteria.

The Backstory

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We try to visit a new place every year, and we always run into the same issue. The hotel is always missing something that we would have preferred it to have. Searching for hotels in an unfamiliar area gets overwhelming. After your initial search, you have to look at each hotel to make sure it has everything you want. A lot of times you even have to call the hotel directly.

For example, this year we were thinking about Virginia Beach. While searching for things to do in Virginia Beach, we also had to consider how far everything was relative to our hotel. Then we had to figure out what the hotel had to have to make us comfortable, as we would be traveling with about 12 family members. When using HotelPlanner, we were able to select everything we liked in a hotel and let the site do the searching for us.

Who knew searching for a hotel could be so easy? With that out of the way, we had more time to prepare for our flights and create our itinerary. With the extra time, we were actually able to find some amazing things to do during our visit to Virginia Beach!

Let the Fun Begin

What we anticipate most is catching some sun and waves. We also were able to find museums, the boardwalk, indoor skydiving, and an aquarium. Everyone is very excited about the family trip this year because we had so much more time to focus on the fun we plan to have. Honestly, I may even be more excited than the kids!

Everyone wants to see the animals at the Virginia Aquarium & Marine Science Center. This is something very different, and the whole family is ready for it. After that, we plan to take the Small Group Dolphin Kayak Eco-Tour. The kids are more daring than I am. They would swim with the dolphins if they could during the tour. The grown-ups plan to take advantage of the Virginia Beach One-Hour Double Kayak Rentals. Who can resist being out on the water and having so much fun? I am so happy we had time to look for the important things for this trip.

I think we can agree that the most annoying part of vacation planning is searching for hotelsHotelPlanner has lightened the load and taken away the burden. Now we can use vacation time for what it’s meant for: vacation! Visit HotelPlanner when planning your next vacation, and let the website do the work for you. You’ll be glad you did!


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  • July 18, 2017 at 4:54 pm

    I would love to visit Myrtle Beach. I have a friend that goes every summer and the photos she shares look amazing. I think we will go as a family one day.


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