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Microfiber Dust Mop: Revolutionizing the Housecleaning Business

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We are all aware of the age-old saying that ‘Cleanliness is next to Godliness’. However, as we grow up we tend to forget about these small teachings that provide very good lessons on survival. Man has been avidly driving to design his shelter since the dawn of civilization. The other aspect that is often overlooked in the annals of history is his best efforts to keep the designed shelter clean. Only the safety factor has been highlighted throughout the history pages.

Housekeeping: The backbone of building maintenance

Technically, the word housekeeping is a blanket term that defines all the activities like cleaning, cooking, essentials shopping, paying out bills, etc. that are required to ensure a smooth running and maintenance of the whole building. In the current world, the meaning of housekeeping has changed and now it refers to the cleaning and upkeep of the building and its surroundings. One should never consider housekeeping to be a trivial job.

If any building is unkempt, then there are two major downsides:

  • The look and feel of the building would go downhill thus giving away negative vibes
  • The dirt and dust accumulated throughout the non-cleaning period would attract colonies of microorganisms like bacteria, insects, etc. that are not only ugly to look at but dangerous to life as well.

Therefore, a regular cleaning routine is a must for any kind of building.

Microfiber Dust Mop: The beloved weapon of house cleaners

Regularly mopping floors in any building is an essential task. Needless to mention, it is not an easy one. Before Eddy Key invented the predecessor of the modern mop, dust mopping was done by squatting and sweeping a wet rag by hand. As time passed, the mop design evolved highly to ensure that the task became easier with every passing day.

One such advancement is the microfiber mop. The primary reason that micro microfiber mops are an instant hit is that they can collect more dust and dirt than regular cotton. Besides, they leave negligible lint after mopping is completed. Because of their popularity, the market is flooded with microfiber mops on Amazon, which are readily available both at stores as well as online.

The scientifically created fibers in microfiber mop can attract more grime and dirt because they have a higher surface area than the cotton cloths, thereby giving more space for the dirt to get attached to the cloth. A microscopic cross-section of microfiber is an asterisk whereas the cotton ones have a circular cross-section. Needless to mention, an asterisk has a higher surface area than a circle.

It is not only their dust-attracting feature that makes microfiber mops popular but also their durability. Despite the higher buying costs, microfiber mops have proven to be long lasting and practically maintenance-free than their other peers. Since they tend to attract more grime, therefore, they should be cleaned thoroughly as well, else there might be a possibility that harmful bacteria might grow on these mops thereby producing adverse effects.


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