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Types Of Garden Sheds You Must Consider For Your Backyard

A shed in your backyard is always a good idea and can be used for different purposes. You can use it either for storage or as a workshop. From storing gardening tools to lawnmowers, these sheds are great to keep clutter away from your home. Garden sheds are made from advanced materials and come in different types, sizes, and prices, depending on your preference. 

With plenty of options available, picking the right type of garden shed for your backyard can be tricky. Read more here about the different types of garden sheds. 

Each type of shed has different features, and while choosing, ensure that it matches your purpose. Once you know about the different types of garden sheds, you can choose depending on what fits your budget and needs.

  • Metal Garden Shed

Metal Garden sheds are ideal for those looking for strength and durability. Store your tools and valuables safely in a steel shed as they are harder to break. Thicker steel sheds can also withstand the harsh weather conditions of Australia. They are designed to be maintenance-free and are easier to assemble. Metal sheds are also pre-painted and available in different colors to match your home décor. 

A heavy-duty metal garden shed will last a lifetime, giving value to your money. Steel frame sheds, corrugated garden sheds, and steel frame corrugated sheds are some options you can choose from.  

  • Plastic Garden Shed

A plastic garden shed offers an attractive appearance and is strong yet lightweight. In terms of affordability, plastic sheds are cheaper than other types and can be easily moved to your preferred location. However, they are not very secure, and if you have valuable items to keep, you can look for some other type of material. 

Polyresin and polycarbonate plastic sheds are resistant to rust, rot, and weathering. Also, there is no worry about upkeep as they require no maintenance. Plastic garden sheds will complement any backyard as they are available in a variety of colors eliminating the need for painting. 

  • Wooden Sheds

For those who prefer a natural rustic look, wooden garden sheds are a great choice. Though they can cost more, these sheds blend very well into any property and elevate the beauty of your backyard to a new level. 

Also, wooden sheds are heavy, and you can forego the use of an anchor system. Arsenic-free timber sourced from sustainable tree plantations extremely durable for Australian conditions. So, make sure that if you want to have a wooden shed in your garden, it should be made from eco-friendly timber. 

You can also consider staining your shed while providing a premium finish and further protection from elements. 

Depending on your backyard’s space, you can either go for a small or a big garden shed. You can also select the style of roof you prefer- flat, heritage, gable, and skillion to make your shed a beautiful and functional addition to your house. Choose wisely and let your pets thrive in a healthy environment. 



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