Getting the right mirror for your home.

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                Purchasing the right mirror is not as easy as it seems. There are numerous things that need to be considered and only a few things concern design and form. Although this might sounds funny, you always have to start from mirror’s functionality.

Now, you’re probably wondering “Aren’t mirrors the same?” No. In fact definitely not. There are some major differences when it comes to mirror types and the way we use them. This is only to be expected given the competition on the market and the fact that new forms are created almost every day.

In order to explain things a bit better, I have mad this article. Now let’s check some popular mirrors types and how you should use them in your home.

  1. Hollywood mirror

Hollywood mirrors were one of the dominant mirrors from 30s to 70s. Commonly seen in movies and theaters, these professional makeup mirror were the symbol of its time. They were really luxurious but at the same time very functional. There is one thing that makes it so distinctive and that is a large number of light bulbs surrounding the mirror itself. This means that your whole face will be illuminated as you put makeup. As a result, there is lower chance you will miss a spot. Due to their design Hollywood mirrors are perhaps better fit for bedroom. In the end, you are supposed to sit down, relax and start putting makeup at piece.

  1. LED mirrors

If Hollywood mirrors were the symbol if 20th century, LED mirrors are definitely the main symbol of 21st. Basic principle is the same: user will be surrounded by numerous lights that will provide full face coverage. Unlike the Hollywood mirrors from that are more fit for classy homes, LED mirrors are best placed in modern, minimalistic interior. In fact, whether or not you will choose this product mainly depends on lighting fixtures of your home. If there are numerous LEDs in your bathroom (or wherever you wish to put the mirror) it is only logical that this mirror will go well with them. Have in mind that LED mirrors are the future not only because of the interior designs and current trends. These mirrors are also popular due to their energy efficiency. You can’t beat that!

  1. Cabinet mirror

Cabinet mirrors are one of the best examples of ingenuity. Made for small bathroom, they   manage to combine two things: cabinets and mirrors. They are the perfect fit for small bathroom as they allow you to maximize your space. It is a good compromise that can come in handy.

  1. Folding mirrors

Folding mirrors work under a similar concept as cabinet mirrors. However, there is an important difference. With folding mirrors there doesn’t have to be a cabinet behind. Instead, they can simply go solo. Folding mirrors are also made for small bathrooms. When you need to check your makeup or something else, simply open the sides of the mirror. This gives you 180 degrees covered allowing you to see both front and side of your face. This product is mainly focused around providing a better view and not combining items.

  1. Full-size mirrors

No matter where you live, in a small apartment or a big house, you definitely need a full-size mirror. This type of mirror is ideal for bedrooms (or wherever you put your clothes on) and for entryways. Whenever you’re ready to go out just make a quick check and you’re ready to go. Have in mind these mirrors take a bit more space. This is precisely why some people opt to get removable standing mirrors.


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