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5 Reasons You Need A MaxLiner Gun

Today, technology has evolved and innovated new techniques to repair even the most complex pipes without excavation. One of these innovations is the cured-in-place pipe (CIPP) technique. This trenchless technological rehabilitation method is best for repairing and rehabilitating existing water, gas, chemical, and wastewater pipelines.

The average cost of CIPP lining is between USD$3,840 – USD$12,000. This cost is significantly higher than traditional pipe replacement, which is between USD$2,880 – USD$9,600. Moreover, it’s ideal as trenchless repair can eliminate the need for excavation and yard work. This makes it less expensive, especially if your yard has many barriers or your pipes are encased in concrete.

This technique is beneficial for industrial and residential properties. Moreover, you can use equipment like a MaxLiner gun for an efficient and successful CIPP lining.

What Is A MaxLiner Gun?

A MaxLiner gun is a lightweight inversion unit made of an aluminum liner gun and is used to insert a liner in a sewer line along its length. The sewer pipes in question are between 2 – 12 inches in diameter. The gun is suitable for horizontal and vertical residential and industrial drains. Open-end application methods are used for blind shots to the main and closed-end rehabilitations.     

The liner gun is supported by an adjustable stand and comes with four, six, and eight-inch Adapter Rings, a LinerGun Stand, an air control unit, and air hoses. The MaxLiner system is compact enough to fit any service vehicle while only two people are needed to operate it. The system is ideal for CIPP lining in hard-to-reach places. 

Why Do You Need A MaxLiner Gun?

It’s best for plumbing companies to have a piece of portable equipment to address plumbing issues, especially those requiring high-level repairs. If you’re considering investing in a MaxLiner gun, below are five reasons to help you decide.  


     1. Safety

Plumbing repairs may require you to put yourself in potentially hazardous spots. Replacing a complete drainage system can be dangerous, especially if digging is necessary. A MaxLiner gun is excellent and safe for such an event since it utilizes enough pressure to force the liner into place. This means you won’t have to put yourself at risk by repairing the liner with your hands.

    2. No Need For Experts

The internet is riddled with home DIY repair videos. Specifically, repairs such as a leaky faucet may unnecessarily raise your water bill while also wasting a lot of vital water. You can purchase parts from your local hardware and use the max liner gun to fix leaks and cracks in your home plumbing. DIY repairs save you a lot on labor costs or experiencing prolonged leakage problems.

    3. Portability 

MaxLiner guns are lightweight and portable. They are compact, making them easily transported from one location to another. They also do not necessitate a lot of storage space. So you won’t have to worry about this equipment’s mobility or storage.

    4. Time-sensitive

Pipe repairs can be time-consuming and require digging trenches to access damaged pipes. The trenches lead to more damage hence increasing repair costs. Furthermore, the open trenches disrupt activities flow in the vicinity of the repairs. MaxLiner guns allow access to all areas of the damaged pipes without digging trenches, saving on time and repair costs. 

    5. Efficient 

MaxLiner guns are more feasible for industrial or residential applications. You may utilize this equipment to make your task more productive and complete it within hours, which will benefit you and your customers. In the residential sector, a few repairs will boost your market worth. MaxLiner guns are less harmful and more dependable.

How To Choose A Line Gun

If you’re planning to acquire a liner gun, there are various options in the market today. Choosing the best brand for your plumbing repairs takes time and effort. The following factors can be considered while selecting the best equipment for the job:  

  • Surface Of The Pipes: Some pipe surfaces have smooth textures, while others are rough. Rough pipe textures will require you to obtain a sanding head for your liner gun. CIPP guns, however, universally work on all smooth surfaces
  • Size Of The Gun: This depends on the amount of work. Ideally, a lighter and small gun will require a maximum of two operators. Picking a gun with a long pipe will simultaneously minimize the time needed for the work and maximize efficiency. 
  • Method Of Use: A vane pump is used in dry pipe liner guns to drive the CIPP into position. Wet guns, on the other hand, can employ either a vacuum or a direct push. Liners in the direct push method are designed to be flexible during installation, and you may achieve this with water.
  • Price Of The Gun: When selecting the best-priced gun, always weigh out the functionality, quality, features, and price of all guns available. The cheapest option might not always be the best option. Furthermore, check the cost of maintenance. High maintenance costs will minimize profits if your gun is meant for industrial use. 


As demonstrated above, MaxLiner guns are more efficient and practical in solving specific plumbing repairs in residential and industrial properties. The equipment’s purpose, ease of use, portability, and time-saving aspects further make it an ideal investment for plumbing repairs.


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