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The Best Ways to Clean Drains in Your Home

There are several benefits of having clean drains. Click here to learn about the best tips and ways to clean the drains in your home.

Is your bathroom sink starting to smell funny? Has the drain in your shower started clogging from all the hairs that may be building up inside them? Are you looking for the best ways to clean drains at home?

Well, you’ve found the right place for the best ways to clean drains.

Keep reading below for a list of effect drain-cleaning methods. A combination of the following cleaning methods works best to get a clean sink. Everyone has a preference for which combination is the best for them.

  1. Signs You Need to Clean Your Drains

Before we jump into our topic, let’s talk about the signs of a clogged drain. There are several indicators that tell you when you need to unclog your drains. Seeing these signs early on helps avoid worse problems later that may even call for professional help.

One of the most obvious and annoying signs of a clogged drain is slow drainage. Slow drainage often happens in drains that get used often. Another noticeable indicator of waste buildup in your pipes is an odor.

It’s important you catch these signs early before they worsen.

Mildew may be another cause for foul smells and clogged drains. It often cultivates in dark and humid environments, which clogged drainages are. It’s a good idea to clean them out as soon as possible.

The presence of rust on metal drains is one more sign of clogged pipes. Rusting occurs when the iron minerals from clogged water get exposed to humid air and saltwater. Take the time to inspect your drains for rusting before it builds within your pipes. If it’s looking really bad, you might need to call in a drain repair expert to get it fixed.

  1. Clean with a Snake Drain Auger

Having trouble reaching the deep end of your drains? A drain snake auger or drain snake is the most effective way to reach those dirty ends. Drain snakes are available in most hardware stores and won’t cost over $20 in Wal-Mart.

Remove any screens or covers and insert the springy edge down the drain opening. As you push it down, rotate the cable handle in a clockwise motion. If you insert it deep enough, you will start feeling the clogged area, where there will be resistance.

You may mistake it for a pipe’s curve. Keep rotating the snake until you get past the curves. Pull the auger up and push it down to break down the matter and hook it up.

Be slow and careful when you pull the auger out to avoid the matter from falling back in the drain. Throw the substance into the trash and continue until none remain. Flush hot water down the drain to see if you fixed the clogging problem.

Take note that the drain snake will take some skill to use. If you have trouble using it or feel squeamish at the filth, turn to professional drain cleaning. Experts can get the job done right away without flinching at the mess they find down your drain.

  1. Best Ways to Clean Drains with Natural Drain Cleaners 

Vinegar and baking soda is the go-to combination for cleaning many things the natural way. The way to do this is to pour half a cup of baking soda down your drain first. Let it sit for a few minutes and then follow it up with 1 cup of vinegar and 1 cup of very hot water.

Cover your drain to keep the reaction under the surface for 5-10 minutes. Flush everything down one last time with a pot of boiling water.

You can also try using lemon juice instead of vinegar. Do this for your garbage disposal to take out strong, pungent smells like onions or garlic. If you want the greasy buildup to melt away, run boiling hot water down your sink drain.

Another natural alternative is a mixture of borax, salt, and vinegar. Pour a quarter cup of each ingredient down your kitchen or bathroom drains and let them sit. Flush everything out with boiling water.

If you don’t have baking soda or lemon juice, vinegar is enough. Heat four cups of vinegar until it begins simmering. Let it cool for one minute and then flush the drain with half of it. Rinse the first half down with cold water and follow it up with the other half to remove smells.

If you want to know how to clean sink drain the eco-friendly way, use these natural cleaners.

  1. Use Chemical Drain Cleaners

If you want less time on the cleaning process, chemical drain cleaners are fast-acting. They also won’t need as much elbow grease from your end to flush out the grease in your drains. Using chemical cleaners is the best way to unclog a drain that’s got tough buildup in it.

Some great chemicals for drain pipe cleaning include Drano, Pure Lye, and Liquid-Plumr. Let’s not forget CLR or Calcium Lime Rust remover too.

They improve the life of your drain while extinguishing the lives of the bacteria in them. Check the cleaners you need for your specific drain problem. Also, make it a habit to be careful when handling these chemicals.

Pour your chosen liquid chemical cleaner down your drains. Let the solution sit for a few minutes or as stated by the instructions on the bottle. Clean off the grime and chemicals with water.

  1. How to Avoid Clogged Drains

The best way to unclog a sink is to do it while the problem hasn’t grown to be too big. Clean sinks at regular intervals. If you use a sink or drain often, pour hot water down it every couple of weeks.

When you throw oily or greasy matter down your drains, always follow it up with hot water. Add a screen over your bathroom drains before hairs fall into them. Avoid throwing sanitary products like tissue paper or napkins down your toilet.

One good reason to avoid throwing garbage into your drains is to help the environment. There are about 8-12 million metric tons of plastic filling the ocean every year. That’s on top of the 150 million metric tons of plastics already in the earth’s marine environments.

To help keep your kitchen disposal drain smelling good, grind citrus peels in it. Slice up the lemon or orange peels before you grind them to avoid clogging. The citric acid removes greasy buildup on top of making your sink smell great.  If you can’t get rid of the smell, it may be time to consider buying a new one.

Keep Your Drains Clean and Unclogged

That’s it for our guide on the best ways to clean drains. Remember, it’s essential that you spot the early signs of plumbing before your problem gets worse. Bigger plumbing problems often can cost you more and will take more time to fix.

Looking for more tips and advice? Don’t hesitate to get in touch or explore our other guides today to discover more.



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