Interior Design Solutions for Spring

Well, spring is just around the corner, and just like the name sounds, it is a season for fresh start, new growths and innovative interior design ideas.

Updating your home, office or any space’s décor lends a feeling of freshness, a better look to your surroundings, and a great excuse for shopping awesome décor items or adding the colors of nature into your home. Now you can research on interior design ideas you love, and give your creative side a try with your fun project.

Fresh Flowers

What else could bring the birth of spring more into your interior designing than the blooming of flowers? For the spring season, fresh greens and beautiful, colorful flowers are always a welcome addition to any room. Place them in beautiful vases, or get creative with some Champagne buckets and crystal decanters. Green foliage creates a sense of color and energy in any room so, welcome the spring with some artfully arranged greens.

Neutral Colors

Although people have enjoyed the minimal and clean look of having white interior walls, you can take it to the next step by adding neutral tones like blue, grey and cream colors. Create warm and inviting tones in your kitchen by employing this design colors with wooden accents and warm blue cabinets.

Contrasting Colors

Step right out of your warm, neutral kitchen décor and go for the bold changes in your living room. Contrasting colors create a bold energy in a room so; go for the age old contrast of a black and white themed design, creating a dramatic, yet sophisticated look. Take the high contrast to the next level by adding even more bits of vibrant colours, for example a bold red sofa amongst the black and white. Create a room that is sophisticated, fun, and speaks of your creativity.

Natural Touches

Maybe it is time to quell the electronic wires and technological elements taking over our homes a little. Natural finishes in your home will be certain to create a more than natural effect; it also has a serene and calming quality that a lot of homes need nowadays. Add some bold stylish wooden pieces in your home and enjoy the slower paced effect it lends your home, in addition to a peaceful atmosphere.

Fringe Embellishments

Say hello to your dramatic side with this interior decorating idea. The trim style can be confident enough to say it can never be accused of being boring. It adds more than a unique touch to rugs, pillows and even furniture. You can step up any item in your home with some beautiful fringe trim. You can even give your artistic side a go and try to create some beautiful macramé wall hangings yourself.


Of course, no matter how much decoration goes into your living or work space, all will be lost if you do not de-clutter. There is a reason it is called spring cleaning, and that reason is to get rid of all the old junk lying around and create more space. Start by sorting through those boxes you’ve packed down in the storage area, or sort through the huge pile of mail. Most likely, there is absolutely nothing of use in any of those places.

De-cluttering your space not only gives a sense of a larger area, it also creates a new, fresh feeling; and that is what the spring is all about.


Spring is a great season to bring some changes in your home or office’s interior designs. If you are from Los Angeles and not an expert and not 100% sure of implementing the interior design idea you like, you can consult or hire one of the best interior design firms Los Angeles to do the job. If you like any specific Hollywood interior design, you can ask the professional designers to just replicate that or add something more to it.



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