Oops we’ve done it again! We’ve released a new Valentine’s Day Guide.

Before long Valentine’s Day will be upon us if you haven’t figured out what to give your sweetheart or child. Sit back and check out these beautiful gift ideas. Get your computer, pen, and paper and jot down these websites. We will share information about each product and a link directly to their website.

Lovers’ Hearts AnthuriumLovers’ Hearts Anthurium is a beautiful plant that anyone would love to receive!  With its gorgeous pink heart-shaped flowers and deep green leaves, it is just breathtaking.

The red ceramic pot makes a striking finishing touch, while the anthurium’s long-lasting blooms can be maintained for seasons to come. This is what I really loved about this plant.  It is not a one and done and will give joy and memories for time to come.  Your sweetheart will love it.  They will also be able to remember this Valentine’s Day each time they look at it and think of you.

They have a choice of three different anthurium’s to choose from which you can see here.




Next, we have a great gift for the child “sweety” in your life. The Sirkaya Kids Binoculars High-Resolution 8×21 with 3in1 Educational Kit & Upgraded Breakaway Strap are such wonderful quality.  Boys and girls love to see what they can see when they are outside. Especially when they are enjoying the little explorer Sirkaya Kids Binoculars High Resolutionin themselves.

Whether it is far away or close up, these binoculars will be perfect for them.  They are perfectly priced and come with a case, adjustable neck strap, whistle (with a built-in little compass).

These binoculars are real binoculars in kid-proof cover – their kids binoculars use BAK4 PRISM GLASS designed for children to FOCUS clearly and easily. Your kid’s/grandkid’s will enjoy these binoculars for years to come.   You will have a hard time keeping them in the house. You can check more about these nifty binoculars here.



Here we have a beautiful gift for her from the company Treehut. The moment she sees this timepiece she’s sure to say yes to you asking her to “Be Your Valentine”!

This exquisite watch is called Theory Rose Gold Pink Marblesquist. When I tell you she’ll be smiling from ear to ear when she sees this beautiful watch…’s true she will! Now, this watch has a natural marble stone framed with warm wood accent which creates a bold face balanced with a slim band. This uniquely design definitely have feminine and unconventionally modern written all over it. The Theory Rose Gold Pink Marble women’s watch features a pink marble dial, butter-rich olive wood case and rose gold metallic mesh band. Minimalist stone dial unique to its kind and accented by gold stainless steel. Hold on there’s more, send her a personalize text message “I Love You” engraved on the back (10 word limit.




Product Specification: Case size: 36mm Strap Width: 14mm,  Japanese Quartz Movement,  Minimalist Design,• Durable & Long Lasting, Interchangeable strap with stainless steel clasp. Remember Valentine’s Day is a special day for both men and women and if you’re seeking to make that day extra special please visit Tree Hut. They have a wide selection of naturally unique and handcrafted out of real wood timepieces for both Men & Women! Domestic USA – and they offer a FREE return shipping label if you or the gift receivers are not happy for any reason.

Next we have gift ideas from the company BEACH FRILLS.

Curve & Plus Romantic Floral Sheer Kimono Cover Up. The Curve & Plus Romantic Floral Sheer Kimono is romantic yet sexy, and flows beautifully with its asymmetric hem, and long length. It features a sheer mesh material to show off your swimsuit or outfit underneath, and relaxed three-quarter length sleeves. The material is  97% Polyester, 3% Spandex and is a perfect gift for her.

When you visit Beach Frills you will see they have a wide selection of beautiful cover-ups, wedding dresses, skirts, rompers, beauty essentials, beach totes like the one below and much more.






BEACH FRILLS Chic Round Black Straw Woven Beach Tote Bag

This straw beach tote in black is so CHIC and editorial! It features a fun round shape, versatile shoulder straps and double handles. Easily coordinates with all your sophisticated beach outfits and is also available in natural color!

The straw beach tote bag measures:

Bag Length 11.0
Bag Width 4.0
Bag Height 14.75
Handle Height 3.5
Strap Length 43.5

Both the Curve & Plus Romantic Floral Sheer Kimono Cover Up & Chic Round Black Straw Woven Beach Tote Bag would make a great gift to share with your sweetie this Valentine’s Day and they both are within a reasonable price. Available here.



This gift idea is from the perfume company  Demeter Fragrance Library. Here we have the set called Naughty Trio.

Are you looking for something that’s a little naughty and nice. Well, look no more Demeter Fragrance has a set of 3 fragrances called: Riding Crop, Sex On The Beach and Dark Chocolate.

Smelling great not only makes you feel good, it also can increase confidence. Enjoy this sexy trio filled with sensual, fun and flirtatious scents, because Naughty can be so very nice! Each bottle is 1oz and is a Limited Edition.

It’s a great gift set for her and she can select which one she wishes to wear on Valentine’s Day when she’s headed out with her sweetheart!





Demeter Fragrance Naughty Roll On Perfume Oil Blending Pack


These perfumes roll on will be great, you see they come in many different fragrances and they are small enough to pack right in her purse or her pocket. Layer these Oh-So-Naughty scents directly on your skin in any combination or proportion to create YOUR signature scent.


The set includes 6 great sexy and sensual fragrances to wear alone, or in in any combination or proportion ,knowing the result will always be great. And because these are perfume oil, they are our longest lasting fragrance format, and our greatest value.



 Demeter Fragrance Nice 1 oz Set


Kitten Fur, Sunshine, Pixie Dust

Kittens, Fairies and Sunshine are the stuff this very nice set is made of. With three of our most popular fragrances, it is guaranteed to make anyone smile. A great way to start your Valentine’s Day.


At Demeter, your fragrance is all about you. Whatever your story is, it is YOUR story – not ours. Layer these Oh-So-Nice scents directly on your skin in any combination or proportion to create YOUR signature scent.



Last we have from Demeter Fragrance Nice Roll On Perfume Oil Blending Pack


Fuzzy Sweater, Sunshine, Hawaiian Vanilla, Salt Air, Pixie Dust, Hibiscus. These set of 6 great fall-in-love fragrances to wear alone, or in in any combination or proportion, knowing the result will always be great. And because these are perfume oil, they are our longest lasting fragrance format, and our greatest value.

At Demeter, your fragrance is all about you. Whatever your story is, it is YOUR story – not ours. Layer these Oh-So-Nice scents directly on your skin in any combination or proportion to create YOUR signature scent. You can find all of these lovely handcrafted made in USA fragrances on Demeter Fragrance website


Next, we have a wonderful jewelry organizer, it’s called Jaimie Hanging Travel Jewelry Organizer which is a compact portable size.

Now you can organize your jewelry, hang it up if you wish or fold it and place away until next use. This Jaimie Jewelry Organizer’s portable design is ideal for both The Home & Your Weekend Getaway. The Magnetic Latch Trifold design folds up compact, and makes it convenient to take your jewelry collection with you on all of life’s adventures.

The heavy-duty honeycomb fabric & transparent windows are similar to materials used in travel luggage, which means it’s extremely STRONG & tear RESISTANT. Jaimie Travel Jewelry Organizer has pockets of varying sizes, so you can fit all of your accessories, big or small. You can order yours at Amazon today.



Last we have three more Valentine’s Day gift ideas, this one is the iPhone 7 Plus Heart Case from VENA

This cute, chic, well designed iPhone 7 case will be the talk of the day this Valentine’s Day! This iPhone 7 Plus case has heart-shaped cutouts at the corners and on the back of the case, making this one of the cutest iPhone 7 Plus case for girls. The Dual layer polycarbonate (PC) and thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) with raised bezel protect your iPhone 7 Plus from unwanted scratches and bumps.

Built with CornerGuard technology, it ensures that all four corners of the case absorb and disperses force from drops which is excellent. It also has a precise cutouts and great tactile buttons designed to maintain the same great tactile feedback from your phone’s buttons. Hurry so you can order her VENA vlove iPhone 7 Plus heart-shaped case today so it can be delivered in time for Valentine’s Day!

Here we have a wonderful gift called FosPower’s Ultrasonic Essential Oil Aroma Diffuser.

I will go on record to say every home needs a good aroma diffuser and FosPower’s Ultrasonic Essential Oil Aroma Diffuser should be on your top list to purchase. After a long fun Valentine’s Day both you and your sweetheart can settle down and relax for the day with a sweet aroma scent resonating from your FosPower’s Ultrasonic Essential Oil Aroma Diffuser. Reap the benefits of using essential oils with Fosmon’s essential oil ultrasonic diffuser. The ultrasonic oil diffuser uses misting and aromatherapy to aid in stress and allergy relief, relaxation, mood enhancement, and respiratory, circulatory and immune system function. NOTE: Please consult your physician before use. The oil diffuser features a bright and dim option as well as 7 different LED color options. Choose between natural white, purple, green, red, pink, yellow, and blue. Plus,  you can control your diffuser from across the room. Control time, mist intensity, mist length, mist intermittent setting, and color without having to be right by the device. The Fosmon ultrasonic essential oil diffuser provides hours of relief with its 500ml tank. High and low mist setting can run one, two, or three hours. The unit can also run continuously and shut off automatically when the water runs out and it has a  limited lifetime warranty. So, visit Fosmon website today to place your order in time for Valentine’s day.

Ok here is our last Valentines Gift idea and it’s from the company Gabrialla. It’s one of their uniquely designed, beautiful handmade with high-quality, breathable lace for an elegant look and feel Abdominal and Back Support Body Shaping Girdles.

This body shaping girdle will offer EXCELLENT SUPPORT , it is made to offer excellent support to abdominal and hip areas as well as reducing the appearance of cellulite. There is a LATERAL OPENING with additional hooks and zipper for added strength and convenience, it’s also BREATHABLE AND BEAUTIFULLY handmade with high-quality, breathable lace for an elegant look and feel.

Most importantly the Abdominal and Back Support Body Shaping Girdle helps to lower back pain and let’s not forget it has INSTANT SMOOTHING, this helps slim and smooth thighs and waist for an instant slimming effect. So, this is a perfect gift to share with your sweetheart before she gets dressed and head out for the day to dine with you! You can check out the Abdominal and Back Support Body Shaping Girdle on Gabrialla website, hurry you want to make sure it arrives in time for Valentine’s Day




Well, there you have it many wonderful Valentine’s Day gift ideas that is sure to make your sweetheart happy! Love is always in the air when your grabbing these special gifts!


Don’t forget to visit each website so you can see these products and much more, and Happy Valentine’s Day to you!



Disclosure: Howdy everyone, I just wanted to inform you that I did receive sample products and monetary fees.  I am disclosing this in accordance with the FTC guidelines.


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