Safety Tips to Consider for Night Driving

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There is no denying the fact that there has been a significant improvement in Indian highways, but it does not mean that they are all safe. If you have the stamina, night driving can save you a lot of time in long distances, but it involves numerous hidden dangers. If you have to drive in the night, you need to follow the below-mentioned safety tips.

  • Understand the route

It helps to conduct research about the roads and understand the key turning points. This will make driving much simpler and less stressful.

  1.   Have a pilot vehicle

If possible, tail the vehicle. When driving on the highway, find a vehicle that is going in the same direction and has similar speed. Maintain a safe distance but tail it. You will be able to intercept any obstacle and will get an idea of what lies ahead. Without tailing, you need to be extra careful on the road, especially while night driving.

  1.   Stay away from cruise control

It might feel convenient, but it is best to stay away from cruise control as well as automatic transmission. When your hands and legs are free, there are higher chances to fall asleep behind the wheel. While driving at night, it is best to drive manually.

  1.  Never drink and drive

This is a standard safety rule, which should be strictly followed while driving at any time.

  1.  Lower the high beam

Irrespective of what the other driver does, lower the high beam and do not get into an ego issue expecting him to lower the beam first. Change to low beam immediately so that it is better for both the drivers.

  1.  Check your insurance

It is important to have a comprehensive car insurance plan for every car owner in the country. Before you head out on a trip, ensure that the car insurance is renewed on time. This will make it easier for you to adhere to the car insurance claim process in case the need arises.

  1.  Keep the windows slightly rolled down

It is essential to let fresh air in through the windows, as it will also keep you alert at night. It might feel slightly discomforting, but it will keep you attentive to horns.

  1.  Expect obstacles

There will be many vehicles without a reflector or a tail light. Some roads might be dug up or blocked. Many times, you will not notice an obstacle until you are very close. Hence, you need to remain prepared for eventualities. Never assume that the road is safe and drive in a manner where you can stop within the area visible in the headlight.

  1.  Do not make assumptions based on headlights

When you are driving in the night, you need to be aware of the headlights. A single light does not mean it is a two-wheeler. It could be a truck with only a single light in a working condition.

  1.  Listen to your body

Only you know how your body is feeling. Listen to the signs. Stop the car if you think that you might not be able to drive any further. Less rest means more risk. If you think the body needs rest, sleep for a while and then drive safely.

  1. Ensure the car is in the right condition

Before you hit the road, ensure that the lights, brakes, gear, and indicators are functioning efficiently. Also, ensure that you have a third party car insurance plan, which has been renewed on time.


Keep these tips in mind when you drive in the night and take every safety measure seriously.



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