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Making Your Garden A Place You Can Work In All Year Around.

We all know just how fantastically beneficial being outdoors in the fresh air is for us. We get Vitamin D from the sunshine, and even if that is hiding away, clean air is great for our insides.

It could be that you work from home, or that you take your lunch at home. Or perhaps you have a habit of doing overtime when you get back in the evenings, or at the weekend. In any of these cases, it could well be that you don’t want to work inside. A change of scenery can be fantastic for concentration, and the clean air could sharpen your mind and concentration levels.

So, without further ado, let’s consider some ways that you can make your garden a suitable temporary office, no matter the season.


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Prepare for wasps, flies, and mosquitos

Wasps start to make an appearance in spring. While irritating, they can generally be trusted to leave us alone. However, their attitude changes towards the end of summer, and into autumn. They start to die out, and boy do they let us know about it! Keeping a wasp killer spray close at hand may also be wise. As for mosquitos, keep some citronella candles around you to ward them, and other flying creatures, off. Be sure to protect any food or drinks with covers also.


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Build a summer house

As your winter garden turns into a spring garden, you’ll be wanting to spend more and more time in the garden. Facilitate this by building your own summer house. Start the works in early spring so it will be ready by the time the sun is really out to play. You can build your own, but buying one pre-made is on option too!


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Keep the lawn under control

A crazy, messy and overgrown lawn is kind of the same as a desk piled with files, papers and coffee cups. You simply won’t be able to concentrate with that around you. Make a regular lawn service a priority. Doing so is also an effective way of keeping weeds and pests under control.


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Invest in a chimenea

Once the wasps have died out, and your summer house paint is beginning to chip a little, it probably signals the arrival of winter. If you fitted your summer house with electricity and lighting, great! But if not, working in there might be tricky. Instead, how about investing in a chimenea. One of these will do a great job of sending you warm. You can send those last minute emails by firelight with a glass of red wine!


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Install outdoor speakers

Different things help each and every one of us concentrate. For some of us, it is utter silence. For others, it is the quiet buzz of an office around us. Meanwhile, some of us find that familiar music is the key. If this is the case for you, how about installing some outdoor speakers? You can use these when working outdoors. However, they will also come in handy for al fresco parties, gatherings, and BBQs!


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  • Great article, I like the idea of making the most out of your garden area. The tips about using the citronella candles sounds like a great way to eliminate some of the pest activity. My favorite is the cool speaker that looks like a rock. Very neat idea. Thanks J.T.


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