How Energy Storage Could Revolutionize Industries in the Next 10 Years

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Businesses hoping to survive the next decade must review their energy policies considering that energy cost ranks top 3 among expenses for small businesses. In some cases, it will exceed salaries, wages, supplies, and materials. Luckily, innovation and favorable policies can enable cheap renewable energy to solely power businesses and the entire world by 2050. Businesses only require energy storage technology to make use of the available natural, clean, and affordable power that will make goods and services more competitive.

Industries rely on grid power because of the guarantee of a constant high-quality supply. Dams generate constant power while diesel engines only need a refill to constantly supply power. Renewable energy like solar and wind face the challenge of maintaining a constant supply because of fluctuations in wind and sunshine. It is this challenge that has brought to fore the need to develop reliable storage devices and technologies so that, for instance, solar energy generated during the day can be used at night when the sun sets. 

The Value of Reliable Energy Supply to Businesses 

Power outage costs businesses in the US over $150billion each year. These outages result from damaged grid systems, grid maintenance, and unforeseen catastrophes like storms and hurricanes. It results in damaged warehouse stock and the inability of a business to serve its customers or even respond to emergencies. 

The development of an energy storage system would reduce reliance on an unreliable and expensive national grid. A business can plan its operations whether the utility company is maintaining its systems or a storm has hit your area. A reliable energy supply helps you to pass the same confidence to your customers that you will be available regardless of prevailing circumstances. 

Why You Need an Energy Storage System for Your Business

Ten years ago, you only associated a battery with a torch, laptop, or mobile phone, and such gadgets. Today, the cheapest cars on the road are using batteries. Entire factories and institutions are off-grid as well as running on stored power. The use of renewable energy and technology results in incredible savings for businesses. But why should you install an energy storage system for your business?

  • Reduce cost– rising electricity costs make products and services less competitive. To expand your profit margin, businesses should tap into such cheap renewable energy sources as wind and solar. The initial installation cost is almost similar to the wiring and installation cost when connecting to grid power. However, a storage system will not come with any monthly bills. You can use all your profits to grow your business and deliver better services to customers. 
  • Enhanced reliability– natural calamities, routine maintenance, and emergency outages make grid electricity unreliable. Unfortunately, the disruptions happen when you are processing delicate orders and have no cushion for the extension of delivery time. You end up losing time and the confidence of your clients, sometimes attracting hefty penalties. With a storage system, you are assured of constant power supply whether it is night, amidst a storm, or the utility company is conducting emergency maintenance. Reliable power makes it easier to plan and achieve set business goals. 
  • Ecofriendly operations– rising sea levels, drying wetlands, and increasing environment-related natural disasters are calling for a more responsible world. Such a world is built by businesses that embrace the use of environmentally friendly technologies and energy sources. With a storage system, you will be playing your role in reversing the damage caused by harmful energy sources like fossil fuel. 

Installation and maintenance of a renewable energy storage system are easy and more affordable than grid electricity. Businesses are saved from the bureaucracies that slow down the installation or maintenance of these powerlines. Further, it is easy to diagnose and rectify a fault in a localized system because of its size and the fact that it stands alone. Such systems and appliances are also insured, guaranteeing compensation in case of damage. 

How Solar Energy Storage Works

Solar energy is increasingly becoming the most reliable source of affordable renewable energy. You only require a panel and a battery to capture, store, and use solar power. Professional technicians design a system based on your specific power needs. It does not require additional infrastructure and will not occupy additional space on the compound since the panels are installed on your roof. 

Solar panels directly provide the energy needed to run operations during the day. The excess energy generated is stored in a battery system for use when the intensity of the sun has reduced, especially at night when the panels cannot generate any power. 

Why Enovatek Solar Energy Solutions?

Expert Singapore energy storage technicians ensure that the panels can generate sufficient power to run your operations. They also provide batteries with adequate storage capacity to store the energy until the next time the panels can provide direct energy. With customized storage systems, you are guaranteed a constant supply and seamless switch between the battery, solar panels, and any installed grid supply.


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