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6 Easy Ways To Solve Your Post-Holiday Clutter Problems

If you really would like to solve your Post-Holiday clutter problems, it is important that you remember some of these important tips from Boston Maids.  We will give you an idea on how you can organize your stuff so that you would have more storage for your things for the New Year.


The first thing that you need to do is to make sure that you compile all the decorations that you have put up during the holidays.  Put them in boxes that will be easy for you to locate whenever you need them.  If you can find different colored boxes for each set of decorations, it would be much better.


You have to label everything that you own.  This way, you can remember what’s inside the box even without looking.  Make the labels easy to remember and easy to figure out so that you would not have to struggle thinking about what those labels are before trying to rummage through your belongings.

Make the Time

In addition to this, you also have to make time for de-cluttering.  The most common mistake that people make when cleaning the house is that they try to do it all in one go.  This will never do because it will wear you out over time.

If you’re tired, you will have more difficulty trying to figure out which decoration or item belongs to.  To counteract this problem, make sure to spend ample time cleaning up and putting away your decorations based on your schedule.

You can spend at least 2 hours a day putting away certain sections of the house décor.  This way, you will not end up feeling too tired to finish everything after a while.

Classify your Belongings

As the fourth tip, try to separate those stuff that you do not want anymore, those you can’t use and the keepers.  This way, you will end up with more space in your closet for anything that’s new.

Give Away Your Stuff

After classification, you should not be afraid to purge your stuff.  Take the pile for donation, recycling and reselling.  From here, you can do whatever you intend to do with these three piles of belongings.  You can choose to give them away for free as the first option.

Recycle or Sell Other Clothes or Items

If you feel that you can’t wear them anymore and they wouldn’t be worth donating to charity, do not be afraid to recycle them.  You can repurpose old clothes into quilts or rags for cleaning.

This way, you will be able to downsize and gain more space for your new stuff in the future.  As for old décor and other personal belongings, many vintage shops would want to take some old decorations and pay for it at a discounted price.

Same goes for old clothes, if you don’t want to repurpose them for the sake of recycling, you can put them up for a garage sale or sell them online.


By following these tips, you will be able to de-clutter your house while earning some extra cash in the process.  Just make sure to work with reliable establishments when it comes to consigning or donating stuff.  This way, you will not end up losing more money than you originally had.


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