Making Your Home Attractive To Potential Buyers: The How To Guide.

Everyone knows that moving house can be one of the most stressful experiences of your life. Even before the actual move happens, the process of selling your home can be lengthy and disheartening. Here are some top tips to lessen the stress and help your move happen as fast as possible.


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 1. First impressions are crucial. Make sure your front garden is neat and tidy, that your grass is freshly cut and that your windows are gleaming. Hire window cleaners and make sure that your curtains are neatly pulled back. De-weed your front path, paint your front door, and make sure that the doorbell is fully visible. Finally, replace your old door mat with a nice new one so that the potential buyers feel fully welcomed to your home.


2. From your foyer to your spare bedroom, do your best to ensure that your house is clean and free of clutter. Hire a cleaning firm to make sure that your bathroom and kitchen are spick and span, and make sure that your surfaces aren’t covered in the debris of everyday life. A well-placed vase or cluster of family photos look wonderful and can attract potential buyers. A kitchen table full of PE kits and cereal boxes and discarded Barbie dolls is a lot less appealing. Clear surfaces make your space look bigger and it’s important to show that you have enough storage space. Clear out everything you don’t need, and put all your clutter into suitcases in the loft for a few weeks. house45

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 3. Remember that you’re not just selling a home – you’re selling a lifestyle too. Show your potential buyers what their lives could be like in your house. Make sure that the downstairs rooms are comfortable and that your sofa cushions are plumped. Place a couple of well-chosen magazines on your coffee table to demonstrate that your house is loved and lived in. Upstairs, turn your bedroom into a blissful retreat with good bedding, a fragrant reed diffuser and plenty of clean, quiet space.


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 4. Remodeling rooms like the bathroom and kitchen can add significant value to your house. In fact, a kitchen remodel can add almost 6% to the price, making the financial investment worthwhile in the long term. Consider the light, the space and the storage options. For many buyers, a good kitchen can seal the deal – if you win them over in the kitchen, they won’t find as many issues in the rest of the home. Recent trends have been for open plan kitchen/dining areas. Have a word with the experts for some advice to find out the most popular options.


5. Add any final touches to your house by making sure it’s well maintained. Go round with a toolbox and make sure that all your cupboard doors are on straight and all your rugs are firmly fastened to the floor. Finally, make sure your outdoor space is appealing. It doesn’t have to be perfectly landscaped – just make sure the grass is tidy, the plants are cut back, and its potential is there.


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Most of all, consider what you’re searching for in a new home. Chances are, everyone else is looking for the same thing. Good luck!





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