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A Farmhouse Kitchen Is All The Rage: How You Can Achieve The Look.

Kitchens are a funny thing to design. It can be a lot to do with personal taste but the honest reason there is such difficulty is because of changing trends. One minute it’s fashionable to have a kitchen that has gloss white cabinets and is quite minimalistic. The next thing is something quite vintage and shabby chic like. However, what it all boils down to is what you like in your home. The kitchen is such a functional space and is one of the most well used rooms in your home. So you need to ensure it matches your requirements. That said, a recent trend is to bring the farmhouse look back to properties. Which is why I thought I would share with you a few quick ways you can get the look for your current kitchen. Without the need for replacing the entire thing.



Change the cupboard doors

When you walk into a kitchen one of the first things you see is the cupboard doors. Your eyes are instantly drawn towards them. So changing these towards a different design will give you the biggest impact on the look of your kitchen. Consider wooden doors with a traditional design. Perhaps add different features like distressed door handles or something more quirky.

Invest in some vintage styled electrical equipment

When you think of a farmhouse kitchen your mind wanders to old style kettles and vintage style appliances. Thankfully you don’t need to go back in time in regards to the technology as you can pick up some great items. You can invest in vintage styles microwaves and old fashioned kettles, without the need to sacrifice on speed or productivity. You may want to consider using things like over the stove kettles. Or even add a few older touches to bring the design to life.



Bring back the wood burning stove in the kitchen

Many farmhouse kitchens didn’t have electrical appliances. So they relied on kilns or wood burners to create heat but also cook food and heat up water. While you may not want to go back to that living arrangement there is no reason why a kiln or wood burner can’t be fitted into your kitchen. It can be a great source of heating and add an ambience to your home. You could even have a stock of kiln dried firewood at the side to bring the design to life.

Keep the utilities separate

We are a culture that has learned to become reliant on washing machines and dishwashers. While a dishwasher needs to remain in your kitchen you consider storing the other utilities elsewhere. If you don’t have a facility you might want to try putting them in a garage or shed. It can create more space in the kitchen area. However, you can buy built in appliances which means that those items can be hidden from view if you decided to keep them in your kitchen.

Consider the use of wooden features

Finally, a wooden counter or blocks of wood for cutting and presenting foods are great additional features you could consider. You could even add a butchers block to your kitchen for an added effect.


I hope this has inspired you to redesign your kitchen.


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