5 Must-Have Things for a Bachelor Party in Las Vegas

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Now that he has told you that he wants to cross the border to a more responsible life where there will be no more night outs, night dance halls, and beers, it’s time to show him that you value him as your friends. In his last few days as a bachelor, you really need to throw out something for him. And the most appropriate is the Bachelor Party.

Having a Bachelor Party in Las Vegas?

Before your friend becomes locked in as the man in the house, he needs some of the wildest treats he has never had in the night. When it comes to such parties, where else could be the destination if not the City of Sin, the residence of irresponsibility, and luxe – Las Vegas?

The Strip and Stride of Las Vegas is the best place to make the groom enjoy his last days as a bachelor and to make this night memorable in his mind; you must be creative as his friends. It is not all about gambling, taking beers, and dancing; a bachelor night can take a direction that will make the groom go wild and always keep missing his singlehood days even when in marriage.

Although bachelor parties have developed a negative reputation among the people because of the way the groom is corrupted by his men, you can make it more modern. You don’t have to intoxicate your guy or do any cringe-inducing activity that will destroy the reputation of the groom.

In our digital era, bachelor parties have become a celebration of the long journey of friendship and transition to family men and a more responsible lifestyle. It’s not about becoming bar crawlers! Las Vegas is an expensive city where spending is a must and trying to hold bucks is a difficult thing. However, it is possible to hold the party in this great city if only you do the right preparations and planning.

Planning for the Party

While preparing for the party, you should make the planning of the night or days that the party will take place a month or two before the actual party-period. You definitely need time to plan the entire party and make it successful. Here is where you as the best man and the groomsmen are tasked with the responsibility of celebrating your own friend.

It is the time where your friendship is tested by actions. Here are some of the things that should help you during your preparation so as to come out with a great party in Las Vegas:

  • Choosing the appropriate date – This is very important for you as the planners and the groom. Before settling on the date, you should ensure that the groom is free on that weekend to avoid failures. He should not be having any commitment with either the bride or at the workplace. To be on the safe consult the groom and if possible, let it be on the same night when the bride is having her own bachelorette party.
  • Have a perfect venue – Las Vegas has got plenty of places where you can rock your party. Since you know the favorite bar, casino, club, beach, and restaurant of your guy, choose one of them for him.
  • Work on your budget – this is a must as long as you are in Las Vegas otherwise you will end up spending more than you had planned for. You are the guys who should fund this party but in case you are going outside the city say at the beach, let the visitors cater to their transport expenses.
  • Do the invitations – well, you don’t need a crowd that will flock in and even gatecrashers. We need close friends and entourage of the groom. These invitations should be done early enough for them to schedule their plans accordingly. Invite them also for the wedding.

Note: If you are going to hold your bachelor party in a club, bar or casino, avoid inviting the minor. Well, they may not be allowed in as the law prohibits it but if it is a must for them to be in the party, then you need to think of buying fake ID cards for them. But ensure they don’t get caught.

Tips to Remember

  • Keep your group size and the entire attendees fewer
  • Ensure none of your friends go missing; this is Vegas, they could be in jail
  • Get a word from the groom on who he wants to be invited
  • Avoid inviting those guys that are always causing drama
  • The planning team should be few people especially when discussing important subjects
  • Buying fake ID for that minor or youngster will be a great idea to let them in but ensure they don’t get caught.
  • Inform everyone in your group chats on the progress and the expectations of the day
  • Dress to kill; have the right dressing code for your destination

5 Must-Have Things in the Party

Now that all plans are set, this is the night everyone is waiting to see what you have planned for them. Here are 5 things that MUST be in that bachelor party:

  • Food

Basically, you have to have great buffets and lots of drinks. If you are going to a restaurant, you probably need to make reservations for all your guests. You can taste all the different types of meals in the world in this City of Sin. Don’t let the delicious cuisine make you go for a second help plate.

  • Decorations

This is basically to the groom. You can decide to make him some outfits that will distinguish him from the other guys. This may involve all the guests wearing a certain way in certain dress codes. Make the party outstanding

  • Entertainment

As long as you are in Vegas, music various activities must be included in the list. Here are some of the mind boggling things you can in Vegas to make the groom go wild:

  • Sports car driving
  • Flying a fighter jet and helicopter rides
  • Water sports
  • Shooting ranges
  • Pool parties
  • Bulldozing
  • ATV Tours
  • Casino shopping
  • Clubbing

All this entertainment will leave the groom in owe. However, ensure they don’t become lost in the party. They are the main subject of the party.

  • Great dressing code

If you want to be offered those VIP-club and casino treatment, then don’t wear as you came from a garden. Most casinos, bars, and restaurants in Vegas don’t entertain mediocre wears. Be sure that you will not enter the party if you wear sports shoe, shorts, baggy jeans, capris, beanies, and Jerseys among others. You want all the guests to be treated like loyalties despite buying fake ID cards, then wear your best.

  • Generous Tipping

This is both to your waiter and the groom. Show your waiter some favors like as simple as, keep the change. That can favor you before the host and earn you great places in the pub. Also, you need to give some tokens and gifts to the groom at the end of the party.


Hey, and don’t forget to treat the bachelor in a Limo. What usually happens in Vegas should always remain in Vegas. However, the memory will remain in the groom’ mind and be grateful to have you as his friends. Enjoy!



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