Winter Fashion Tips for When It’s Really Cold

Admittedly, as summer rolls into fall, everyone is excited about revamping his or her wardrobe. The breezy, easy fashion that comes along with the warm weather is great, but the crispy cool autumn air offers you just as many options. On the other hand, when fall turns to winter, multiple layers become mandatory as opposed to an option you choose, eventually you start running out of cute cold weather outfits rather fast.

Just because the weather outside is freezing does not mean that you have to resign yourself to giving up on getting stylish – it only means that you have to be a bit more creative whenever you get dressed up in the morning. In fact, great style even in the middle of the darkest days of winter is possible! Here are a few top tips and tricks that will not only help you stay stylish, but warm as well.

Layering is the Way to Go

Layering is always on-trend in winter. It is a massively practical way to dressing when it’s cold. Therefore, do not be afraid of piling on the layers.

Wear a turtleneck under your sweater, under the jacket, under a coat, for example, will help you stay warm. So does a skirt or dress over a pair of pants, which is much warmer than just a pair of tights.

When it’s very cold outside, some of your favorite pieces in the wardrobe – that you’ve always depended on – like cashmere sweaters and ripped jeans will not cut it. It’s time to get creative and layer your clothes in a way people will not notice. For example, throw a pair of sheer stockings or tights from WearSaga under your pair of ripped jeans or layer using a form-fitting sweater over a long-sleeved T-shirt – be experimental and whip you those long johns reserved for ski trips, they might just come in handy for that walk to work.

Use Belts to Give Coats New Life

By the time you hit the middle of winter, it’s inevitable that you’ll start feeling some of the fatigue that comes with putting on that boring old winter coat every day. You can give it new life by simply belting it, making it look like you have a brand new coat in the process. Fortunately, belting will work with just about any coat style you have in your wardrobe – even serious fashionistas have been spotted belting puffer coats!

Time for a Showstopper Hat

The first instinct in winter is to splurge on a coat or a pair of boots, but you should also hunt low and high for a winter hat of your dreams. You’ll be under that hat for a solid two months – and it will be the first thing that people notice about you whenever they meet you. So, make sure it’s something you are in love with.

Embrace Faux Fur

There aren’t so many redeeming factors about been fashion wise in really cold weather, but this is the only time of the year that you may wear fur – faux fur. So, have fun with it and pair it with just about anything else you have for an instant fashion upgrade. Stole over your winter coat, throw on a fur vest, invest in statement fur topper or just find cool accent pieces like fur mittens or fur collars to liven up your otherwise dull winter outfit.

Never Leave the Boots at Home

Great winter styling boils down to a great pair of boots. If you have a pair of over-the-knee boots, show them off by pairing them with a short dress. Use your killer ankle boots by pairing them with a dress or cuffed jeans.


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11 thoughts on “Winter Fashion Tips for When It’s Really Cold

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  • Love all your outfits!! Most winter outfit videos I see are from people living in California wearing skirts and cardigans for jackets 😆 but winter where I live is no joke and you need layers so this was really helpful! I would love to see more like it!

  • I thoroughly concur with these form tips. Amid the cool months it truly is anything but difficult to at present look organized. I am a layers young lady, particularly in the winter and fall. I adore including shading with scarves as well.

  • Living in Texas, where “winter” means below 60 doesn’t afford us much opportunity to wear warm sweaters and cute hats and scarves. Sometimes I miss winter.

  • Layering is really the way to go. It’s both fashionable and convenient. Faux fur and leather are my go-to pieces. I prefer wearing high boots that almost reach the knees to make sure my legs are fully covered.

  • I totally agree with all of these fashion tips. During the cold months it really is easy to still look well put together. I am a layers girl, especially in the winter and fall. I love adding color with scarves too.

  • Oh gosh we went to see Santa and his reindeer today at an outdoor location and it was so bitter cold. Wish I had these tips then! I’m going to try adding some faux fur to my wardrobe.

  • Even in the wintertime, I tend to run warm. I only recently started considering getting into the layered look. I like pairing a thin, longer knit sweater with another shirt over jeans. I like the idea of using belts with winter coats. I love how it has a slimming effect.

  • I wish Texas would get cold enough to pull out the winter fashion, but sadly and lately we have had too many warm winters. I miss dressing for winter in my comfy boots and sweaters. I love that had in the photo.


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