2017 Stocking Stuffers Ideas For Everyone On Your List! @poonicornicopia @LightseekersTCG @Arckitmodel

Today we want to share with you three stocking stuffers that can be added to any stocking. First, we have the Poo-nicorn and yes, it is just what I said…poo-nicorn!

These plush poop unicorns come in many colors and are for ages 4 and up. I think the Poo-nicorn are different and will make a nice gift for any stocking , I would recommend it for the much older age kids. Now the Poo-nicorns is a place where your imagination will certainly run wild. A place where being #2 is as poo-riffic as it is to be poo-fectly im-poo-fect!

The plushy Poo-nicorn not only come in a rainbow of colors but, different sizes also and they all have cute names like:


Bloopy, Bloosom, Fawna, and many other names. Now the sizes are 6″-14″ in size, the ones in my image above are the small version.  Not only are Poo-nicorns adorable, they are really soft and huggable too!

You can see these cute little plush Poo-nicorns via Poo-nicorn Website! They are also available at many retailers.  Make sure to keep up with all the Poo-nicorn via Facebook| Twitter| Instagram!

On to our next stocking stuffer which are the Lightseekers trading cards.

One thing I will go on record to say is my boys love trading cards, they have a suitecase full of them and most of the time they are trading them with their fellow classmates. So I’m sure these Lightseekers will be of interest to my kids and yours too!

So you may be asking what are these cards? Well Lightseekers is a combative card game for two or more players with a toys-to-life twist. The card game sets user’s heroes against each other, each with their own offensive and defensive skills. More than 385 printed cards are available, each one providing different heroes with special abilities.

Each of the physical cards is scannable by the Lightseekers game to unlock in-game spells, boosts, or even pets for the user’s hero. Bringing the characters from a user’s deck into the game also provides a one-time, in-game bonus.

Lightseekers also have smart figures that are 7 inches tall and can interact with the mobile game. They are pretty cool because they can talk, vibrate, and use different colored lights to show levels, status, warn of impending danger, and help guide gameplay within the mobile game.

You can pick up the Lightseekers card and toys online and at many retailers. Don’t forget you can learn more from their website and you can connect via Facebook | Twitter | Instagram|

Last we have something I believe will definitely kick start your kid’s creativity. These are called the Arckits.

Now you maybe asking what are these kits and how will the kids be able to use them? ARCKIT is a free form architectural modelling system that allows you to physically explore designs and bring your ideas to life with speed and precision.

Based on modern building techniques and a 1.2m/4ft grid to scale, the ‘click and connect’ modular components make it possible to create a vast range of structures that can be quickly assembled, endlessly modified and finished to perfection. I love how these models will allow your children hands-on experiences that will help them create numerous designs, even if they don’t have that architect ability. These are the perfect STEM kits that before long your kids will get an idea about how architectural really works via science, technology, engineering, art and math.

You can check these Arckits via their website| Facebook | Twitter | Instagram|


Well, as I stated above, all of these will make great stocking stuffer gifts and you really need to hurry for Christmas is almost here.


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