Why The Bedroom Is The Toughest Room To Get Right

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Lots of us tend to put off making changes to the decor in the bedroom. There are lots of reasons for this. Perhaps the disruption simply isn’t worth it! It is so important to get this room right. After all, there is a lot at stake:

Sleep Is So Important

Sleep is the most important thing we do and need. It is the only way to truly rest and relax. Sleep functions to correctly store all our memories and make sense of the world we experience every day. It is also restorative and healing. Without sleep, we would become very ill very quickly. And nobody likes a grumpy mommy first thing in the morning!

Quality sleep isn’t always easy to achieve. If you have a sleeping partner, then you might be fighting for the covers, or struggling to sleep with a snorer. The mattress you pick must be supportive for each of you, even if you sleep in differing positions. Finding the time to shop together isn’t always easy, but it’s worth taking a half day of leave to get this crucial part of the bedroom absolutely right.

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Styling For Two?

Of course, the mattress is just one part of the room and the bed. As the largest piece of furniture, it’s essential that you agree on the style. Fortunately, brands like Paula Deen make that easy. These are traditional designs with a twist. Finding your ideal design and designer can be easily achieved online, giving you both a chance to find what you want. If you share your bedroom, it’s worth picking a popular style that you can both like.

Multipurpose Room

The bedroom isn’t just for sleeping. You dress and undress here. You do your hair and your makeup. You might even exercise in here!

With so many functions, styling might become secondary. Still, it’s worth considering the layout of the room too. How can you easily navigate a small space that packs a big punch in functionality? Once you’ve decided on the layout, you’ll be able to see more clearly which walls need to be accented, and where your lighting should be best placed.

Season Changes Are Impactful

Every season sees a change in the amount of bedding we snuggle under. In winter, we’ll have several layers or maybe a big squishy quilt. As the weather warms again, these layers are stripped off, and you might be left with just a sheet. If you leave the windows open, consider some extra security in this room too, like window latch locks. This provides plenty of opportunities to change your color palette and style! Patterns, bold colors and even textures can be changed every season to create the look you want

What’s The Point?

You might be asking yourself what the point is for all this trouble to make the bedroom look good. After all, nobody is ever going to see it but you! Getting the style right so you feel relaxed and comfortable in there will help you to sleep better! And what can be more important than a really good night of sleep?


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