Sports Matter: 3 Reasons You Should Encourage Your Kids to Play

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Social media and online games have taken over the mainstream thought of pastime. Adults and children are spending more time glued to their smartphone screens. The sedentary lifestyle is rising at alarming levels, which is a cause for concern for parents all around the world.

This is why outdoor activities should be encouraged now more than ever. Sports have always been a good influence on kids in a lot of ways. They promote positive habits and steer them away from too much inactivity.

Why Sports Matter

It’s not just about the physical aspect of playing. There’s also the emotional plus for sports when it comes to family. Sports offer parents a chance to show just how much they love and support their kids.

It’s crucial that you don’t miss your child’s game. Your presence is important. A child’s biggest source of self-esteem and confidence always comes from the parents. So during these cold months, make sure you put on leg warmers and head warmers so you don’t catch a cold while attending a game.

There are also other equally valuable reasons you should encourage your kids to play.

Sports Can Establish a Neutral Ground between Parents and Kids

The next time you see your kid lying around the couch with his or her phone, you may want to pick up the old baseball gloves in the basement. Ask him or her to play catch with you. It’s one of those treasured memories that they’ll look back on even when they become adults.

It’s these quiet times that will open up the door for you, as a parent, get to know your kid better. Be a good listener, and catch up on the things that are going on with your child. When you’re playing, it always puts you on neutral ground with your kid. It will be easier for him or her to open up to you if you buddy up over baseball or any sport for that matter.

Sports Can Teach Kids Good Values like Sportsmanship and Teamwork

Because there is no I in team, your kids will learn the importance of playing for a group at a young age. It’s a good preparatory exercise for them as they learn to interact with different personalities in their age-group.

Also, sports are great avenues for you to understand your kids’ strengths, natural disposition, and characteristics. If they have leadership qualities in them, it’s hard to miss that trait in a group setting. You’ll get to see firsthand the kind of kid you have and know how you may be able to support him or her.

Taking responsibility for one’s actions is also part of playing for a team. It’s the only way a team can work: when they have a sense of accountability for one another. Kids will learn how to cooperate and contribute in and out of the field for their teammates. It’s one of those traits that are best learned at an early age and will, hopefully, help them on their way to adulthood.

Individual sports in school events like swimming, running, or wrestling are still considered team sports because most of them follow team points in determining the overall champion.

Sports Can Teach Kids How to Work Hard, Win, Lose, and Cope

Putting in the work and getting a sense of accomplishment are things a parent can’t do on behalf of his or her child. Sports is the place for doers. If you want your kid to be independent and be able to do stuff on his or her own, you should get him or her into sports.

Grit is part of sports, and so are losing and winning. It’s vital that you’re there for your child when he or she wins or loses. Either way, you have to let them know that you are proud of them—and don’t skimp on loving words while you’re at it.






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