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Fitness-Oriented Christmas Gifts the Whole Family Can Enjoy

Christmas season is almost upon us, and it’s time to start thinking about gifts. If your family is fitness-oriented or looking to become fitness-oriented, here are 7 ideas to help get you started.

1). Paddle Boards

Why not use the holidays to get a head start on your next year’s warm weather water sports and fitness activities?

There’s nothing quite like stand up paddle boarding (SUP) when it comes to water-based recreation, fun, and fitness. It’s a sport that has superficial resemblances to surfing, especially the use of a board, but in actuality is much more closely related to kayaking.

In addition to being out in nature, this sport provides a great way to burn calories and build muscle. It’s hard to beat that combination.

Best of all, this is the perfect time of year to pick up a great deal on SUP boards.

2). Snowboards & Skis 

Since winter is almost upon us, and since the snows are likely to last well into spring on some of the slopes, now is an excellent time to think about winter sports gear and paraphernalia.

Both snowboarding and skiing can be quite challenging, but there is no reason you can’t get into them with your fitness-oriented family. Not unlike stand up paddle boarding, they combine rigorous outdoor activity and exercise with incredible amounts of fun.

There are very few things that can compare to the thrill associated with these sports. If your family doesn’t have current snowboarding and/or skiing equipment, that could be a good angle for gifts this holiday season.

3). Yoga Mats and Bags

Yoga is incredibly popular, and for good reason: it is very, very good for your wellbeing and peace of mind. The magic of yoga is that it’s something you can do practically anywhere – in your living room, in a park, you name it – but it’s incredibly fitness-promoting, both in terms of physical health and in terms of mental health.

There’s no reason not to involve the whole family in this activity. About all you’ll need are some yoga mats, and perhaps some nice yoga bags as well. Of course, you’ll want to wear comfortable workout clothes and have a bottle of water or other source handy. There are yoga classes practically everywhere, not to mention countless videos on YouTube and other places online.

4). Hiking Backpack 

For people who love hiking and camping, a good hiking backpack can be a fantastic option. It’s the perfect way to transport warm clothing, gear, food, and anything else one might need for an extended backpacking and camping trip.

The beauty of this gift is that it helps to open up the outdoors for your family. You can get everyone a new backpack that will look great and be able to hold all the gear they’ll need for an outdoor excursion, turning a hiking trip into an extended backpacking trip.

5). Shoes 

We’ve talked before about encouraging children to play sports, and this leads into another excellent gift idea: shoes!

Let’s face it, active people and families love nice shoes. It’s hard to beat a comfortable, sporty new pair of shoes: it’s a gift that is equal parts practicality, comfort, and lifestyle.

Nice pairs of shoes can facilitate playing a variety of sports, from football to baseball to anything else. Running and hiking are other activities that call for good pairs of shoes.

Whatever the activity, choose nice pairs of shoes and your loved ones are bound to be very appreciative.

6). Hats 

Some sports cry out for a good hat. Think of snowboarding or skiing: where would snowboarders and skiers be without nice warm hats? Plus, they’re incredibly stylish.

Other outdoor activities are also better with hats. If you’re planning on getting into stand up paddle boarding, why not get some nice, durable, water-resistant sun hats?

The right hat combines functionality, comfort, and style. Even and perhaps especially in the outdoors, a good hat is a good fashion accent and accessory as well as a practical item to wear and use.

7). Gloves 

Some sports and fitness activities benefit from gloves. If you’re into winter sports, you know they are a necessity, but the same is true for a cold-weather hike. A nice pair of gloves is warm enough to protect your hands from the cold and facilitates gripping things with its texture and motility.

There are also hiking gloves, some of which may provide a certain amount of protection against cold, and gloves for rock-climbing and other sports.


Christmas will be upon us before we know it, and it’s not a bad idea to start thinking now about what to get your family members. If you and your family are into fitness and the outdoors, these 7 ideas should help get you off to a good start. You may even start new activities and hobbies in the new year. Good luck!



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