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How Can You Beat Secondary Infertility and Build Your Dream Family?

For many couples, pregnancy may come easily the first time around. This joyous occasion gave no indication difficulties maybe on the horizon for the second or third time. What can women do when a subsequent pregnancy isn’t happening? What can couples do when they had no trouble conceiving the first time, but are now suddenly facing difficulty?

Fortunately, there’s alternative reproductive treatments available like donor egg IVF to help beat secondary infertility.


What is secondary infertility?

When a couple is actively trying to get pregnant again with no success after one year (or after six months if they’re over 35), they are considered to have secondary infertility. If you or your partner are 35 or older and have tried to conceive for at least six months, it’s very possible you’re experiencing secondary infertility. It’s important to seek a medical professional’s opinion as soon as possible.

You may ask yourself why you’re struggling to get pregnant when you had no issues with your first or second child. Unfortunately, since women are born with a limited number of eggs, as they age those eggs may no longer be viable. Secondary infertility can be a result of several factors, and a low supply of healthy eggs is just one of those reasons.

How is secondary infertility treated?

Women younger than 35 may know they want children someday but are just not ready yet. If this is the case, women can freeze their own eggs to use when they’re ready. Because fertility issues are more prevalent after age 35, it’s important to take advantage of younger, healthier eggs as early as possible. However, not everyone realizes their eggs may not be healthy enough for pregnancy in their late 30s to early 40s.

If freezing your eggs wasn’t on your mind in your 20s or early 30s, there are still viable options for you and your family through IVF and donor eggs. If you don’t think IVF is right for you, look into other solutions like home insemination.

By using donor egg IVF, couples are placed on a path that opens many doors to grow their families. With much higher success rates, a growing database of donors and refined procedures, couples have a real chance to create the families they’ve always wanted. Not only does donor egg IVF open the door for more children, but using donor eggs and IVF allows couples an opportunity to experience all the milestones of a pregnancy from the first positive pregnancy test through delivery.

Shouldn’t I be happy with the child I already have?

Don’t minimize the fact you want another child. Just because you have one child doesn’t mean that’s all you should have! The bottom line is everyone in your family deserves to be happy and feel content; this includes you.

How will my other children react?

Children are adaptable and will welcome a baby regardless of whether it was conceived with the biological mother’s eggs or not. Babies have a very real connection with the birth mother, and this connection will filter through to the rest of your family. Biology only plays one small part in the makeup of a family. The rest is made up of love, support, and the desire to raise each other up.

A family unit no longer must consist of the typical mother-father-biological child structure. Today, families are made up of many unique combinations. Your family is no different and only you decide when your family is complete. If a person or couple sees the value and desire to add more children to their family, they should feel empowered to seek out options like donor egg IVF.



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