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7 Reasons to Save Your Kids from Poor Indoor Air Quality

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It is known by everybody that power plants, machines, and other technological vehicles pollute the atmosphere. That is why we have established that the air outdoors is harmful to our kids. Unfortunately, it is true that the air children intake daily inside their homes is also lethal. It has been predicted by, EPA that indoor air on average is 2-5 times worse than outdoor air. However, rarely anyone has tried to put much thought in it because they are not aware of the adverse effects it has on the younger generation. That is why we have listed reasons to save your kids from poor indoor air quality before it severely damages them:


1. Respiratory Issues

Indoor air is filled with pollutants such as mold, pet dander, and pollen which can combine with volatile organic compounds and toxicate your home environment. Your child can inhale these whose fragile respiratory system may suffer. You definitely wouldn’t want your child to get asthma and allergies at a very young age, which may also lead to permeant respiratory disorders.

From minor symptoms such as irritation in the nose and throat, to coughs and sneezing, the symptoms may become worse and your child can even get hospitalized. Remember the effects of poor air quality often manifest gradually so don’t ignore them because they are subtle. They can cause bigger problems if not dealt properly. Use air filters for ACs and purifiers not only to improve air quality, but also to improve your child’s health.

2. Mental and Physical Breakdowns

Poor air quality not only causes diseases, but may also lead to breakdowns. As children are already fragile, the deterioration of air quality impacts them on a whole different level. Physically it causes nausea, tiredness, headaches, dizziness, etc. But these breakdowns not only lead to medicinal symptoms, but also have psychological effects such as anxiety, depression, and mental fatigue. They not only strain these young bodies, but continuous reprisal can lead to a complete meltdown which can have a lasting impact on them. It can cause permanent personality disorders if not stopped.

3. Skin Diseases

As children have sensitive skin, they are the first ones to get affected. Their skin may itch and even develop rashes, allergies, and other dermatological issues. They might also get erythema which is reddening of the skin or make their skin very dry and even more sensitive. The poor air quality also causes bacterial and fungal infections which spread rapidly across your child’s body. They leave permanent scars and have a detrimental effect on your child’s appearance forever.

4. Eye Irritation

Human eyes are very sensitive. They get infected even with slightest pollutants. So with the decreasing quality of indoor air the chances of children getting eye infections have increased. The microbial pollutant can reach the lens and cause extreme irritation which can be quite painful for your child. It is better to purify your air and save your kids before any optical damage arises!

5. Decreasing Productivity

With all the physical and mental strains it causes, poor air quality decreases productivity. This has been proven by 15Pitt et al (2006) which has brought plenty of indirect evidence on the effect of indoor air pollution on productivity. Moreover, there have been studies which collected considerable evidence that links poor air quality with school attendance and productivity of children. Indoor air pollution not only affects health, but it also reduces the efficiency and potential of our future generation. 

6. Hypersensitivity Reactions

As a result of increased pollutants in the air, children can also develop hypersensitivity reactions. These occur because kid’s immune system begins to respond abnormally due to the effects of pollutants in the air. This harms the body as it leads to various autoimmune disorders. Most of the allergies and attacks fall under hypersensitivity reactions and cause the child’s body to go through severe changes causing them immense pain. From watery eyes, rashes, congestion, and itches to other severe allergies, poor air quality can cause both internal and external reaction which may spread rapidly. It is better to prevent them before they arise and the best precaution is to improve the quality of indoor air.

7. The Weakening of the Immune System

As your child suffers both physically and mentally more often, their body gets tired. Their body loses nutrients from continuous attacks — their immune system begins to weaken as the body fails to produce cells. This will make them more susceptible to catching other lethal illnesses and make recovery even more difficult.

Summing it up, learning about these adverse impacts of poor indoor air can lead to parents becoming more vigilant. This will lead to them finding ways to prevent it so that their children live a better and healthier life. It is easier to take charge of improving air quality wherever your children are, once you understand that it is the underlying culprit behind many of your kid’s problems. You will surely see an improvement in not only your child’s health but also productivity — save them from the poor air inside. So we hope that you realize the indoor air quality problem — solve it before it takes a real toll on your family.




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