5 Lasting Gift Ideas for a Baby Shower

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Having a new addition to a family is always an exciting journey. You can expect the new parents to gush over baby names, clothes, and what they dream their child growing up to be like.

If you are one of the guests attending the happy couple’s baby shower, you should prioritize quality over quantity for your gifts.

Here are some gift ideas for a baby shower!

Toy Subscription Box

Surprise both the parents and their child with a different set of kid-tested toys, parenting tips and developmental gifts each month with a subscription service. Compare various subscription services to find the best options for the new parents and their baby.

You can sign up for a single-box subscription or an ongoing subscription with just the baby’s birth date and the parents’ home address. This makes the surprise gift delivery an easy and convenient option.

Prams & Strollers

Prams and strollers are a great gift idea. And if you choose a high-quality stroller it should last for many, many years.

With so many options available in the baby pram market, a pram can be convertible, ready to be adapted for newborns and toddlers, and can fit a lot of baby luggage for travelling. Every parent will have a need for baby strollers, and you can expect them to use this gift well.

It may be worth checking with the parents what stroller would best suit their needs. Have them check out the various options and then let you know once they have decided. This way you can be sure that the stroller is perfect for everyday use.

Pregnancy Recovery Essentials

Baby shower gifts are just as much for the mums as they are for babies. If you know that other people are making gifts for the toddler, instead you can focus on the parents’ needs and give a mummy survival kit to show the tired mum some love and care.

Include items such as chocolate bars, nail polish, and other pampering items are a good idea. There are also essential items that new mums need after giving birth. Consider including some of these items as these can be costly for a new mum.

This jar can include as many or as few items as you like, so take your time to pick out the gifts! The options here are endless and can be unique to the individual.

Portable Bassinet

With some luck, you might be able to find a portable bassinet for a good price in the baby shops near you. These portable cribs usually have several features, which makes it a changing station, nappy bag and a compact bag all in one.

If the parents are worried about inaccessibility to nappy-changing rooms or are always on the go, a gift like this will work well in your favor. Go for one with an everyday design for extra usefulness.

Swaddle Blankets

These blankets are so multi-purpose that every mum will put one to good use. A mum can keep a swaddle blanket in her nappy bag and bring it wherever she goes for nursing and changing convenience. Many mums also find new uses for the blanket as they go about their day.

As the name suggests, mums can also use these blankets to swaddle their babies to sleep. These reusable cloths often get softer with use, so you can be sure that the baby will love the gift too!





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