Gerber® Good Start ® “Formula For Happiness” #FormulaforHappiness

I’m so excited to be able to partnership with #formulaforhappiness and Gerber® Good Start ® .  Today I get to share with you my sleep #ForumlaForHappiness for Jada and me!
WOW, time has really gone by! Jada is now 3 months old and she’s changing every day. She’s been such a good baby with feeding and sleeping but boy has her sleeping habits changed!  She’s no longer wanting to sleep, she’s been an very unhappy camper when it come to nighttime sleeping!
It’s like she really does dread going to sleep at night. Lately her weird sleeping late nights has become so stressful for me since I have to get up early in the morning. With my schedule being busy daily, some of these nights can sometimes become overwhelming for the both of us.
For the past few weeks I’ve sat back and tried to figure what would be some good solutions to help me adjust her schedule and mine so that she can become a more happier baby before bed time.

Well, here are a few tips to ensure putting baby down for a great night sleep! 

1) Give baby a warm bath before bed time.

This works well, I’ve done it many times with my other kids. I simply talk to Jada while I softly stroke her with her washcloth. It never fells, a warm bath and a few gentle washing strokes always relaxes a baby and before you know it your baby is off to sleep!

2) Get your family and spouse involved.

I have a habit of thinking I can do everything for Jada myself, so I need to give up that control and learn to bring in my family and spouse to assist me during bedtime. Not only that but you can check out Gerber® Good Start® Gentle to ask a few questions since they have a Certified Sleep Consultant for your little one. You can ask questions pertaining to sleeping tips, bonding tips, happy tips and more!.

3) Add an oil diffuser with a little natural  fragrance oil to your baby’s room.

The all natural lavender oil scent will resonate throughout the baby’s room which will provide a calming environment so you and baby can relax. Before you know it both you and baby will be sleeping!

4) Make time for you.

As parents with newborn baby’s we seem to lack in that area more than we know even when it comes to spending time with our spouse. Catch those moments and embrace them!

5) Clothing

Make sure baby’s sleepwear clothing fits snugly and is made of cotton. On those pretty hot days like we have been experiencing….place just a nice cool undershirt on baby.

6) Try a new formula,

Sometimes it’s not just the simple things that keep your baby awake all night. Maybe it’s the formula  we are using that may be irritating her stomach at night.

But most of all, I want you and every new mom to know that Gerber® Good Start® Gentle formulas are now all Non-GMO, which means their formulas are not made with genetically engineered ingredients. Just because they are Non-GMO there is no reason to believe that Non-GMO products are heathier than other products. The Gerber® Good Start® Gentle formula has made this change in order to meet the evolving preference of formula using parents.

Here’s a little about Gerber® Good Start® Gentle formula: 

Gerber® Good Start® Gentle formula is a brand that saw the importance of rising a heathier, happy child and they listened to the consumers when it came to feedback about their products. They made changes across all their formulas, they can now offer products for moms with a wide variety of needs. Like moms who have babies with tolerance issues, moms who want base products, moms who supplement with breast milk, babies who need soy milk and much more!


Today, you can get the support you need to help you through those support first few months with your baby, Gerber® Good Start® offers free appointments with a certified baby sleep consultant, nutritionist, or lactation consultants.

Now it’s your turn to tell me what your #FormulaForHappiness is for your baby? Use hashtag #formulaforhappiness so Gerber® Good Start®  can check out all your great tips on Instagram and Twitter


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