Workwear Styling: What to Wear to Work

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It’s not unusual to just buy an outfit for a specific setting or for a certain date in your diary. We can easily spend weeks picking the right dress for a big night out, or what to wear to your best friend’s wedding. Those types of outfits are fun to find. However, when it comes to things like what to wear to a job interview, things get a bit tough.

The general rule is that the outfit you pick should be tailored to the sort of job you are applying for, but it’s always better to go smarter than you usually dress. Once you have the job though, you have to still dress in a professional manner. You need to look professional, but also feel comfortable and self-assured. Looking and feeling confident is the key to your outfit, and it’s also the key to getting that promotion at work that you’ve been gunning for.

The Power Suit

What doesn’t say confidence more than the power suit? Long gone are the days where you had to stick to a simple black or grey suit, instead you can make a statement with the suit you wear. Pick a power suit with bold colors, cord textures, animal prints – you name it, you can wear it.

You can decide to wear it as one outfit, so that everything matches. But the best part is that you can wear is as separates to help enhance other outfits. You’ll get so much wear out of one power suit that it won’t just be restricted to work wear. You can wear your suit jacket over a t-shirt, blouse, with just about anything if you wanted to. The suit jacket will help keep you looking smart, whilst also showing your colleagues that you are prepared to wear the trousers.

Satin Dresses, Blouses and Skirts

This was one of the biggest trends for Autumn/Winter 2016 and now it’s time for you to shop for this trend and make it your own. Who says you can’t rock fashion trends in the office? Satin is no longer reserved for evenings only. The way to wear it now is the same way that you would wear your favorite t-shirt. For the perfect workwear mash-up, why not wear a satin skirt with sneakers and a mannish blazer?

Don’t be afraid to step out of the norm and be creative. The satin trend can come in many different forms but has two things in common: loose fitting and colorful. Whatever you decide to wear just make sure that you feel comfortable and confident in it. You can wear pretty much whatever you like at the end of the day. Some people wear clothes from this website, whilst others might have a different preference in the clothes they wear. Others might just like to mix and match things to create a completely unique sense of style.

Dress for the Weather

Understandably it can be tough to figure out how to dress for certain temperatures whilst still looking professional. Summer can be a total nightmare for some people. People who must commute on the tube find this a bit of a struggle at times, from dashing for the bus to standing wedged under someone’s arm in sweltering heat. When the weather is like this, you will want to make sure that you wear clothes that are light and breathable. You don’t want to turn up to work looking a hot mess.

You also don’t want to freeze to death in your suit, when all you need to do was put on an extra jumper to keep you warm in the winter months. You should make sure that you can accommodate all weather types when it comes to work, otherwise the outfit you plan might not be so perfect after you’ve spent the whole day in it, and it can’t cope with the weather. Since we’re nearing the winter months though, you might as well check out this article here about winter fashion tips just so you can be prepared.



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