Why The Smell Of Your Newborn Baby Is Intoxicating

Babies are so precious and from the moment they are conceived until the day they are born they already make an impression on their parents and family.

When Aria was born all I would hear from the kids and others is “WOW She Smells So Good”! The way the kids would smell all over her I once told them, kids none of you guys stink lol but seriously there’s something about the smell of a newborn baby.

Have you wondered yourself as to why newborns smell so good? Well, science tells us that the scent of a newborn triggers the brain. Even though we really don’t know there are many theories like I mentioned about triggering the brain. It has also been said that the scent comes from chemicals secreted from a baby’s sweat glands.

Many specialists have also said due to the baby’s metabolism, these changes occur when infants begin eating and drinking and no longer get their sustenance through mom’s umbilical cord from mom.

When I think about my parents I can remember them both saying how babies always smelled so good and how they could eat them up! Now I know what she means as a grandparent myself with four beautiful grandkids, I find myself saying the same thing numerous times!

It’s like the smell of a newborn baby is intoxicating and you just can’t help but smell them when they are around.

To be honest, I personally don’t know what it is and I’m sure there are many medical theories out there and I do believe they all play a part in how our beautiful babies smell. Yes, we do know baby products do play a part but mostly it’s all due to your baby’s own body smell!

I just know it’s definitely a distinctive smell and a smell that bonds both mom and baby! You better believe your baby knows mom’s scent also just as much as mom knows theirs!

Did you also know that wonderful, fresh scent last on your baby about six weeks? I sure didn’t know that, but I did know at some point the scent is not as strong as it was when your baby was first born.

So, the next time your children ask …”Why Do Baby’s Smell So Good”? Tell them it’s all due to them carrying a chemical that is within their little body that helps keep them smelling oh so good and fresh! That’s a simpler way to explain it to kids.

Well, I’ll see you very soon for I have so many posts surrounding newborns and I can’t wait to share them with you.



  1. I never knew that, but I agree babies smell wonderful! Sad that they lose the smell at about 6 weeks though.

  2. I most certainly did find my sons smell intoxicating. I love him with all I have.

  3. It is definitely one of those smells that is familiar to us all. Someday we’ll have it again when we become grandparents!

  4. It’s been so long since my daughter was a baby, I honestly can’t even remember the smell lol pretty interesting article, thanks for sharing!

  5. Such precious photos! Newborn babies can always make anyone smile for sure!

  6. Nothing quite like the smell of a new baby. If only they would stay little and keep that smell right?

  7. This is so interesting! There’s nothing better than that new baby smell but it’s definitely not the same when you’re holding someone else’s baby. I honestly can envision my daughters at that teeny tiny stage just by thinking about that smell.

  8. I often wondered why babies smell so good. I agree that the smell is intoxicating. It does make you want to hold them which helps the bonding process.

  9. Oh my gosh, yesss that new baby smell is divine. I always want to munch up their cute little cheeks and sniff up their adorable (non-poopy) smell. My sister just had a baby boy as well, and I’m crazy about him. Aria is adorable, too! What a sweetie.

  10. I agree, the smell of a new baby is intoxicating! I so enjoyed the smell of our new babies, and was always snuggling and smelling them!

  11. That newborn baby smell is so amazing. It does make you want to cuddle and hold a baby for sure. Kind of reminds me of puppy breath. Who knows it must be a pheromone thing to help us all bond with them maybe? 🙂

  12. I didn’t know this! If I had known that the new scent only lasts about 6 months I would have smelled my newborn a lot more. I don’t recall exactly when the scent faded. Now that my friends’ are having newborns, I will be sure to go over and smell me some delicious newborn smell!

  13. When I had a baby and smelled other people’s babies it didn’t smell as good. They definitely all smelled like babies but not as amazing as my babies did. I miss that smell so much.

  14. Yes, babies do have a certain scent about them that we just love. I love that God created babies this way to bond with their mommas. I just wish mine were still babies (some days).

  15. I do love the way my babies smell. I definitely think it’s so you’ll want to hold them and take care of them since they are so helpless.

  16. Yes, the baby smell is so amazing! I would always sniff my little one’s hair and face! I wish we could bottle it up! I actually still use the baby wash with my daughter since she has sensitive skin. Sometimes it takes me back to when she was a baby.

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