These 4 Common Items in Your Home are Secretly Making You Sick

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We think of our homes as safe spaces, havens we turn to when the whole world seems to be after us. But if you don’t give your home the care it deserves, it will answer in kind.

Even the most immaculate homes may be hiding a secret source of germs that can affect your family and lead to a number of diseases. The problem is that many homeowners aren’t as thorough when cleaning their home as they’d like to believe.

The fact is that germs don’t usually hide on the shelves you’ve dusted or the carpet you’ve vacuumed. Even the most meticulous homes have certain nooks and crannies we usually cannot spot. It’s there that bacteria, allergens and other microbes lurk from.

The ideal solution: hire a professional company like Clean Corp to handle the cleaning. Professional cleaners have both the equipment and the experience to get rid of even the most persistent and out of reach germs.

You may not be comfortable with hiring a professional service or not too happy about having to pay someone to do the job you think you do well, but the reality is that a cleaning service will be able to get to those corners of your home you weren’t even aware of existed and eliminate the germs completely.

Still not convinced? Here are 4 common household items and areas in your home that may be causing great harm to your health that you’re not even aware of.


Bed Sheets

There’s nothing better than falling straight into your bed after a tiring day. But we bet that if you know what you’re sharing the bed with, you wouldn’t be so comfortable. According to recent studies, the average human sheds half an ounce of dead skin cells per week. These skin cells that you leave on your bed sheets are also a delicacy for dust mites.

The dust mites that inhabit your bed leave fecal matter and other forms of debris that could affect your health and cause issues like eczema, allergies or skin irritation. The best way to fight these pests is to have a professional perform a thorough cleaning using special HEPA vacuum cleaners. Alternatively, you should wash your bedsheets at least once a week using the 60 degree setting.

HVAC Vents

If during the summer all of a sudden your family members keep getting ill or constantly suffer from allergies, the problem might be hiding in your air conditioning vents. Some dust in the vents is nothing out of the ordinary or alarming, as the Environmental Protection Agency suggests. But in some drastic cases, the buildup of dust, debris, allergens and other microbes may be enough to trigger an allergy, an asthma attack or cause other health issues.

Apart from replacing your air filters at least once a month during the summer when your HVAC system is constantly running. Apart from that, you need to hire a professional to thoroughly clean the vents and get rid of mold, debris and other toxins lurking there.

Your Old Vacuum Cleaner

The vacuum is usually the main cleaning tool in every home. But research shows your old vacuum cleaner may be causing more harm than it does good. According to a study by the Environmental Science & Technology that compared 21 vacuum cleaners of different brands and ages, every vacuum cleaner releases a portion of the dust, allergens and bacteria back out in the air.

With older vacuum cleaners, the percentage of these microbes is increased, especially if they don’t have the right filters. The best way to prevent your vacuum cleaner from contaminating the air you breather is to get a special HEPA filter vacuum cleaner. Professional cleaning companies use these vacuums exclusively, as they are much more efficient and better for your health.

Cleaning Products

The vast majority of the cleaning products you use in your home are made from chemicals that may be harmful to your family. There are studies that link household cleaning products such as laundry detergents or jewelry cleaning chemicals to cancer, due to cancerogenic substances due to chemical components like formaldehyde and perchloroethylene.

However, there are plenty of harmless, natural alternatives to help you keep your home neat and tidy. You can also make your own, natural cleaning products using items like vinegar, lemon, baking soda, cooking oil and other common household items. Reputable professional cleaners always use eco-friendly, safe cleaning products as a rule, so you won’t have to


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