Tips for Finding the Best API Development Tutorial

As a newbie developer, there are many things that you need to learn and one of which happens to be developing an API. While there are many books, you can read about best practices and various design methods the fastest way to learn in the experience of many developers is by watching videos. However, just finding and watching a video on YouTube or Udemy isn’t enough, you need to find the right video, and it is imperative to consider the following tips below.

Consider Development Language
Do you know Java? It may not be a huge prerequisite, but it is undoubtedly an important one. Developing a REST-AP, I in Java is a lot easier, and most tutorials will focus mainly on developing via this language. However, if you don’t know Java or have no intentions of learning it, there are other api development tutorial videos you can search for, but they may not be as easy to learn.

Work Your Way Through Examples
While watching a tutorial video will give you an excellent idea as to how things work, you won’t really start learning until there are examples. That’s right you need to work on your own examples. There are many websites where you can find example code to tinker with, try exploring the opensource APIs on Github. Once you have tinkered with the example APIs on Github or any other platform, you can work on creating your own small APIs. There are various videos that walk you through the process of creating simple APIs which are a great way to get into coding and designing an API.

Document the API You’re Developing
Even if all you’re doing is learning how an API works, it is essential to learn how to document it too. Every API needs to be documented properly, that’s after all at the heart of its success. There is absolutely no successful or widely implemented API except for perhaps Facebook’s which isn’t well documented. Usually, the documentation is up to the developer and so the earlier you start with the documentation, the easier it will be. Though there are documentation best practices, you should be aware of before starting.

You’ll also find many tutorials that detail how to properly document an API for commercial or public use. The good news is that this is isn’t difficult albeit slightly tedious.

Tutorials by Gurus
Almost anyone can post a tutorial on YouTube. However, most of the tutorials that outline how to develop an API are not good. They will take you around in circles because their goal is to generate money through advertising. Also, many tutorials are trying to sell you something so they never really end up teaching anything.

You’ll be better off finding tutorials on websites like Udemy. If anything, the tutorial will be in the form of a course which walks you through various aspects of creating an API. It will also list all the prerequisites. Ideally, you’ll want to watch and learn from a tutorial by a guru in the industry. A top name with years of experience will be more than willing to share a few useful insights which will come in handy.

It Should Be Broken in Parts
The tutorials you choose to watch should be available in easy to understand parts. Then after watching each section you can practice. Also, make sure that there is a way to download and watch the tutorial later too. At times during the learning phase, you might run into a situation where the tutorial may need to be watched again for guidance.

API Development is Easy if you know How
Like everything else API development is easy, but you need to first learn how to do it. It takes time and effort to learn especially when it comes to using the various tools involved. However, once you do there is a great deal of good you can do with that knowledge that many businesses will find useful. If anything it can make you an indispensable member of the current software development team you’re a part of, and it is the reason why many people want to learn API development and documentation.




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