Justin Power Bank Products, don’t leave home without them!

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If you’re seeking to find a good portable power solutions, then Justin Power Banks Products are just want you need.














In these days I don’t think any of us can go anywhere without a power bank on hand, at least I can’t! No matter where you’re traveling to there isn’t always a wall socket on hand to recharge your electronics. Now, you can pop out your Justin power bank product, and charge your gadgets right then and there!

The Justin 2,000mAh Portable Slim is what’s happening. How cool would it be to be able to plug it in and charge up your gadgets with its 2,000 mAh of life-saving charge! This power bank is the size of your credit card, comes equipped with its own synthetic leather carry case, and also has a brushed metal finish. It’s lightweight and slim in design, which makes it fit easier into your pocket. Comes in handy now, doesn’t it?



It also has a LED’s battery level meter, which makes it easier to see when the power bank is at 25%, 50%, 70% and 100% on the exterior of the device.  Included inside the box is the unit, short manual, synthetic leather carry case,  small charging cable that comes with the device, and an adapter. All you need to do is make sure you charge up your power bank, and place it in your purse or pocket!


Next, we have the Justin 2,000mAh Power Bank with 12V Adaptor. This charger is available at retail stores like Kohls, Target, Belk, and many more . Get ready to charge all your tablets, smartphones, and more via dual universal USB Connections.

However, if you’re charging more then one device, then it will take a little longer. I love how this charger can stay in my car and I can charge all my devices while I’m on the go. Plus, the small size make it easy to store anywhere.

The Justin 2000mAh Power Banks is good for a charge top off. I’m good with leaving the house, and forgetting to charge up my phone fully. Being able to have the Justin 2000ah power bank in my car for me to top it off is quite convenient!

Now, I know this power bank probably won’t recharge my phone from dead to 100% using the battery by itself, but I’m sure it will provide me with enough power that I need. . The 12 volt adapter plug folds up for easy carrying as well! It’s priced at  $29.90 MSRP, which isn’t too bad, if you ask me. Especially since its portable, easy to store away, and can be placed in pocket or purse also.

I say give the Justin Power Banks a try! I’m sure each one of these chargers will provide you with the charge you need!

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