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High technology does not stand in one place. Many tech companies work on developing state-of-the-art products that can help a human to do some monotonous work. So, people can focus on other tasks that require more concentration and devotion. Artificial intelligence is the leading development nowadays and is making strides. However, AI emergence has brought many questions. Sergey Tokarev, the founder of SET University and Roosh tech company, shared the most worried questions about AI’s impact.

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The year 2023 started with the massive use of AI throughout the world. ChatGPT entered the Ukrainian market in February and has been tested by millions. Soon, this AI product was improved, which made it more worthy and helpful in handling various jobs. Sergey Tokarev has always been promoting AI and ML technologies in Ukraine for many years. Although technology continues to enhance, many questions remain open. The entrepreneur reveals them below.


Can AI replace a human?

This question becomes one of the first because of the solid progress ChatGPT has shown. According to Sergey Tokarev, AI can’t replace an expert but should be accepted as a complement to their work. It was previously created to simplify the working process and cope with boring tasks. Also, AI can process an enormous amount of data that a human can’t manage. Considering these benefits, we must adapt to new conditions and accept AI as a precious working tool to conduct the work faster and better.

Should artists be afraid of their positions?

The entrepreneur comments that only some artists can be replaced by ChatGPT. The algorithm has shown pretty good work with creativity. That is why people who take creative positions in companies started to worry. Tokarev believes that top professionals will always be in demand.

What task can AI take on?

Having analyzed the capability of AI, Sergey Tokarev emphasizes a few areas of its implementation. The first is searching. The businessman compares it with Google stating that the last is an ad-driven search engine. He adds that ChatGPT can deliver an immediate high-quality solution to a specific problem.

Another area where AI can be very valuable is customer support. The algorithm can find clear answers to specific questions about a product or service. Also, it can voice it, so it will be difficult to understand who is talking: a human or a machine.

What are the challenges with AI?

One of the challenges people face is the ethical one. This problem pops up when AI generates pictures and photos. So, people started to think about whether it is permitted to use publicly posted images or whether the author has a claim for it. When it comes to ChatGPT, it is ethically limited.

Another issue is concerned with responsibility. Sergey Tokarev explains that no legal system today is ready for such a fast-growing development. Who will be responsible for AI if it harms a human? An author of the algorithm or a user? Which jurisdiction should be involved when residents of different countries use it? These questions are difficult, but there is no answer to them yet.


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