6 Ways Your Infant Proves Their Love.

Oh baby, it is hard sometimes to know what your baby is thinking. Are they hungry, need their diaper changed, or are they just wanting to be held (all day long). The last thing that you need to be worrying about is if your baby loves you, of course they do. Now your teenager maybe a different story… just kidding… they love you too. Here are 6 signs that your baby thinks you hung the moon!

1. These Eyes: When your baby stares into your eyes, that is their way of showing they love you. Newborns are fascinated by faces, but they can’t get enough of yours. So enjoy those silent moments of you bundle of joy making eyes at you.

2. Your Scent: Because their eye sight is a bit fuzzy in the beginning. Newborns rely heavily on smell. They can pick out their momma from any line-up by your scent. They can smell the natural scent of their momma as well as breast milk through your shirt. You are their favorite smell!

3. Oh That Smile:  That gummy toothless smile can melt your heart. It is at first usually just reserved for mommy and daddy, until your baby is a bit more social. It is your baby giving you a special gift that will warm your heart.

4. Yakety Yak:  The earliest of coos and ooohs are directed towards you. Talk back to your baby as they are trying to communicate and make you happy. They enjoy seeing the smiles on your face when you are talking with them.

5. Keep You Around: As your baby gets older, they will start to notice when you are not in the room… oh and they won’t be happy. They may let out a cry for your return or make a sour face to let you know this is not an ideal situation. They have formed a very loving attachment to you and want you to stay with them.

6. They Shy Shield: When a new person or a person they are not use to seeing everyday comes over. You will notice that your baby buries their face in your chest or your shoulder. They are saying I trust you to take care of me.

See, you have nothing to worry about. You baby thinks you are the greatest thing. They sense your love for them and feel safe with you in your arms. Good job, mommy!






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