How to Choose the Best Smartphone for Video Recording.

Olive is the story of a little girl who cannot speak and yet touches the lives of those she meets in her inimitable way. The story is no doubt heart rendering but many others are fascinated by an entirely different facet of this movie. Olive is the very first feature film to be shot on a smartphone. Now, here is another way you can use your smartphone and with aplomb too! But of course, you need to be armed with a phone that can do justice to your film making fantasies.

When you go out to buy a smartphone that can also be used for video recording, make sure you keep in mind a few tips.

Choose a camera that packs in the pixels

Images shot on digital cameras are composed of pixels. These are the components of an image that capture all the data—the colors, the shadows, and other pictorial details. So, the more the pixels in your picture, the better is its visual quality. There are a million pixels in 1 megapixel. When you head out to buy a smartphone that can capture great videos, make sure you choose one that packs in the megapixels. Going mega on this count will definitely cost you money, but the more, the merrier it is.

Take stock of the critical camera capabilities

When buying a smartphone to record great videos, remember that there is more to a stellar quality camera phone than the megapixels it can capture. For instance, a smartphone with powerful video recording facilities can usually shoot at a resolution of 720p HD or more while the market heavyweights pack in capabilities to record HD videos at a resolution of 1080p. Consider the zooming capabilities of the camera and look for ones with a powerful optical zoom lens. This is the kind of lens that is fitted on movie cameras and let you film far-away subjects and objects vividly. This is a critical feature to have in your camera phone if you intend to take your toy along on your trips.

Consider additional camera features

The best camera phones for video recording pack in a host of additional features like face detection, video stabilization, and red eye correction facilities that take over some of your tasks so that you can concentrate on getting a great frame or capturing a timeless moment. Some smartphones also come with LED flash that let you shoot high-quality videos even in dim light.

Go in for a smartphone with a sizzling display

The avid photographer knows the significance of a large and crystal-clear display screen when capturing images. The videographer couldn’t agree more. After all, your phone screen is the space where you will frame the images and compose your shots. The best smartphone for video recording is one where the screen displays the sharpest views and lets you focus on the details of the picture without zooming in. If these are luxuries you desire, it is imperative that you choose a smartphone with a large LCD screen and a high pixel resolution.

Buy a smartphone with a power-packed processor

The camera is undoubtedly the most important component to consider when buying a smartphone that can also shoot great videos. But you should also consider the phone processor, which is its powerhouse. The power of a processor can be gauged from the number of its cores, single, dual, or quad, and its clock speed that is measured in gigahertz (GHz). Needless to say, the higher these numbers are, the more powerful is the processor. While pondering over your buy, also consider the size of the RAM inside the unit. The more the RAM, the more efficient will be the processor and the faster you can carry out your filming tasks.

Choose a smartphone with oodles of battery and storage

When you own a smartphone that doubles up as a video camera, you will want to carry it on your trips, treks, and travels. You might travel to places where there might not be a charging station for miles around or a store where you can stock up on memory cards. Therefore, you should make sure that the phone has plenty of on-board storage space (internal memory that is) and a robust battery life so that you can busily film away without worrying about getting full or running out of steam. Alternately, you may consider going in for a smartphone with microSD slots that can accommodate memory sticks for your expanding video repertoire.

These tips will help you choose a smartphone that can shoot stellar quality videos almost effortlessly. You can now capture moments and preserve emotions with only a few clicks or flicks.


Francis Santos is a writer for Benchmark Events, a best practices event marketing company.


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