VPN browser extension – the importance and benefits of using.

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Most internet users today are wondering why they need a VPN browser extension. The main reason is to protect their network traffic and prevent shadowing. It’s up to you to decide what functionality you want – whether to use the simplest free services or to experience all the benefits of a premium subscription from a quality and reliable provider.

We will look at why it is important to install the extension into the browser and how a client who constantly uses the Internet benefits from it.

Preventing shadowing and hacking

When you surf the Internet with VPN enabled, your traffic is encrypted and hidden from prying eyes, therefore, no one can intercept data, break into your computer, or even trace your IP.

Virtual private network technology provides a high level of online security and protects against hacker attacks.

Bypass blocking, filters, and site restrictions

One of the main advantages of a VPN is the ability to quickly bypass any regional restrictions or site blocking. Access to Russian web resources such as VK, Mail.ru, WebMoney, Yandex, etc. is limited to Ukrainian users. Nevertheless, they can simply connect to the Russian server via a VPN to freely access the web pages of interest.

This method applies to all unavailable resources. To access them from anywhere in the world – just connect through the server of the country where these sites and web resources are available.

As part of the premium subscription, customers get additional options for using blocked web pages on the Internet.

IP address protection

An IP address is a tool for identifying a user on a network. It shows your geographic location, but with VPN enabled you become invisible on the network and protect yourself from being tracked by the provider or unauthorized subjects.

Rusvpn.com is a reliable VPN, which is installed directly into your browser. It allows you to select a connection point through any available country (338+ servers in 45 countries around the globe). Your real location will be hidden and protected, and on the network, you will be displayed as a user from the USA, Russia, India, Australia, and so on.

Also, the VPN has a WebRTС-leakage protection feature, which can be installed as a separate option in the form of a browser extension.

File sharing security

When you transfer files and data over the network without enabling a VPN, it jeopardizes not only your traffic but also your computer and all the information that it contains.

It is especially important to turn on the VPN during internet conferences where people share documents, videos, pictures, etc. By doing so you will be able to avoid shadowing, viruses, and data leakage.

Improves performance

With a premium VPN subscription, there is no slowdown in your connection speed and no traffic volume restrictions. You will have access to professional services that increase the efficiency of your web surfing.




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