Is Print Advertising Still Relevant For Businesses In 2021?

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With a growing emphasis on utilizing the digital sphere in modern business, print advertising has become less of a priority for organizations operating in a number of industries. Whilst the importance of companies possessing a digital presence cannot be understated, there are still some benefits to utilizing the power of print media in 2021 and beyond, the most notable of which will be explored below.

Creativity & Credibility

There’s a certain level of creativity that comes with making physical ads for your business, and with laser cutting materials, the sky is truly the limit when it comes to innovative ad design. Feel free to mix and match with patterns, prints, fonts, photos, and other elements, to create unique and eye-catching advertisements that will be guaranteed to stir up intrigue in your business.

Alongside this, the added credibility of print ads over digital ads must also be noted. As global citizens become increasingly wary of the prevalence of ‘fake news’, print media has been recognized as one of the most credible mediums for news and information. This means that a lot of readers of print media are likely to instill greater trust in their printed publications, and so are more likely to see your ad and consider your organization to be an authority if not a leading player in your industry. In essence, advertising in printed publications may help boost the legitimacy of your business a lot more than digital advertising like sponsored posts or promotional emails ever could, as digital ads always run the risk of being perceived as spam.

Flexibility in Format & Budgeting

As print advertising tends to provide organizations with a myriad of layout and format options, it can be quite simple to find a print ad in a size, style, and most importantly, at a price point that works for you and your business. Take some time to outline exactly what you’d like your ad to achieve. If you’re looking to improve your brand recognition, a bold full-page ad in a weekend paper may be just the way to do this. If your goals are more about connecting with a specific audience, it’s worthwhile looking at print publications that cater to these groups. It’s entirely possible for a half page or even smaller ad with a more specific audience to outperform a full-page ad in a general publication. Planning is everything, and so long as your print ads are thoughtful and purposeful, your marketing budget will most definitely be working at its best.

Cultivating and captivating a local audience

There is a certain type of magic that accompanies print advertising. Out of all the different mediums in which companies can promote their business, powerful print ads are usually the most likely to hold a lasting impact on their audience. People connect with strong physical images. The fact that you could create an ad that can be torn out of a magazine and shared around yields possibilities that simply cannot be matched by any other forms of advertising. 

Embrace these unseen possibilities, and do your best to design an ad that encourages conversation. In doing so, you’ll ensure that your ad not only cultivates your potential customer base, but also captivates them too!

In a digitizing world, print advertising clearly presents its audience with a more tangible charm and connection that cannot be reproduced in other mediums. Utilizing this charm may be exactly what your organization needs to ensure that its marketing strategy is as effective and far-reaching as it can be. In this sense, embracing the power of print media should be considered an absolute no-brainer.


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