7 Essential Things To Look For When Buying Your Teenager A Bike

Buying a bike for your teenager can give them a lot of independence, allowing them to get places on their own and meet with friends without requiring a lift. Choosing the right bicycle is crucial to ensure that they are safe while they ride, and they can navigate the kind of terrain they will be riding on with ease.

It is also crucial that your teenager understands the responsibility of owning a bike and is committed to caring for and maintaining it. It can be a great way to teach teens about responsibility and looking after valuable items, which can set them up well for when they reach adulthood.


One of the most important factors is the age of your teenager. For pre-teens and younger teenagers, it is important to remember that they may not have finished growing yet, so you might not want to buy an expensive bike that they will quickly grow out of.

You could also consider choosing a bike that will grow with your kids – many bicycle brands are creating bikes that can be extended to suit the growing frame of a teenager. In addition, younger teens may not be as mature as older teens, so it is vital to be confident they can handle the responsibility before you buy. 


There are many bicycle brands available, so it is a good idea to do some research to decide which brands you trust. You can learn a lot about a brand by its reviews, so check these out on sites like Trustpilot, Yelp and Google. It is a good idea to be cautious with anything you read online, as many review sites have limited ability to verify the truthfulness of the reviews posted there. You could also ask friends and relatives for recommendations based on bikes they’ve bought for their own teens.


Getting a bike with a warranty can be a great way to put your mind at ease. Warranties can protect your child’s bike against faulty components or damage from crashes. A warranty is particularly beneficial if you spend a significant amount on the bike and if you’re sure your teen is mature and responsible enough to care for the bike properly. Check out Velosurance’s excellent article on things to know about bicycle warranties for more detailed information.


Finding a bike that is comfortable for your child to ride is also critical. Bike saddlers are notoriously uncomfortable, but there are accessories you can buy to help make the ride easier. More importantly, you should ensure that the bike is the right size for your teen and is adjustable to suit their riding style. As mentioned before, it is best to go in person so your teen can do a test ride to be certain it will be comfortable for them.


Where you live will also have an impact on the type of bike you choose for your child. If you are in a more rural area with a lot of off-road trails and rugged terrain, a mountain bike is the best choice. If they will be using paved roads for the majority of the time, then a road bike would work better. You can also look for a hybrid bicycle, though you’ll need to be more selective with a hybrid to ensure that it truly offers the best riding experience for on and off-road biking.


There are many different features that can influence the bike that you choose for your teenager. Choosing between a single-speed bike and one with gears can make a difference depending on what your teen will be using the bike for. For instance, in hilly areas, a bike with gears is an advantage, as your child won’t have to work as hard to get up steeper areas. You should also consider the weight of the bike, as your child may need to walk or carry the bike back if they get a puncture or other issue with the bicycle.


Finally, you should carefully consider the budget you have to spend on your child’s bike and weigh this against the benefits of the bike for your teen. If your child is adamant that they want a more expensive bike and can give you good reasons for their choice, then having them help fund the bike can ensure they will take their responsibility more seriously. They could look for a part-time job or do odd jobs around your neighborhood to help cover the cost.


The bike you choose for your teenager will depend on what they will use it for. Their maturity, your budget and the safety features of the bike will also be critical factors. It is vital to do some careful research when choosing a bike for your teen and take into account the different pros and cons of various bicycles. If you are unsure, it may help to visit a bike shop so that you and your teen can look around. You can also ask for advice from the sales clerk based on what you’re looking for.


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