“10 Reasons Kids Suddenly Become Argumentative”

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10 Reasons Kids Suddenly Become Argumentative

The kids are playing quietly among themselves and suddenly a fight breaks out. Your child unexpectedly starts to argue about something he’s never complained about before. What’s going on? These sudden mood swings are common during childhood and are all a part of growing up, but they can really catch parents off guard. Because it’s so unexpected, it is very easy to react badly and only make matters worse. Before flying off the handle, try to figure out what’s going on. If your child picks a fight without warning, here are ten reasons kids may suddenly become argumentative.
  1. Tired – The first thing that comes to mind is the child is tired. Everyone gets cranky when they’re tired and need to rest. A child that suddenly starts arguing for no reason probably just needs a nap.
  2. Hungry – An empty tummy will also make kids short tempered. Children who are hungry are much less cooperative. A little snack or some comfort food may be all you need to get them calmed down.
  3. Pent up energy – Kids who are confined for too long are going to have a lot of pent up energy.  If they can’t get out and run around they’re going to lash out at you or each other. Stop the car and let them burn off their frustration.
  4. Sick –Unexpected belligerence may be a symptom that the child is sick. Sometimes kids will become argumentative because they’re not feeling well and don’t realize it. Instead of a scolding, perhaps he needs a temperature check.
  5. Worried – Kids may pick a fight to cover up something they’re worried about. If you’re having an irrational argument with your child, maybe there’s something else going on. A little gentle probing may reveal what’s really bothering her.
  6. Scared – Another hidden reason kids can suddenly become argumentative is because they’re scared. Your son might want to act tough and pick a fight instead of letting anyone know he’s afraid of something.
  7. Stalling – Sudden belligerence can also just be a stalling tactic. Instead of just doing what they are told, kids will start an argument merely to put off the inevitable. Don’t fall for it and put your foot down or this could become a real problem.
  8. Bored – Sometimes kids will pick a fight with each other or their parents just because they’re bored. There’s nothing like stirring up an argument for a little misguided entertainment.
  9. Fed up – Even the most mild-mannered kids will reach their limit at some point. Maybe your child has been upset about something for a long time and is finally just fed up. This can cause him to lash out unexpectedly for no apparent reason.
  10. Hormones – When kids reach puberty the hormone changes can cause all kinds of unexpected behavior. This might be more prevalent in girls, but hormones can affect boys as well. A sudden fight can be because of their current stage of development.

When a child lashes out unexpectedly, it’s very easy to overreact. Even if the quarrel is with you, there may be something completely different causing it. That’s why it’s important to step back and examine the situation before reacting. If it doesn’t make sense at face value, look for the underlying cause. Some patience and understanding may be all you need to diffuse the argument and get things back to normal. Hopefully the fight will be forgotten as quickly as it started.


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  • May 17, 2012 at 8:08 pm

    Very informative! Made me think twice about why my 6 year old daughter is always yelling and getting angry for no apparent reason.


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