Know a Workaholic? Get Them One of These Perfect Gifts.

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Everyone knows a workaholic. Some people find it difficult to switch off and take a break, and some people just love working. If you know someone who isn’t happy unless they’re doing something useful, there are lots of great gifts you can get them. Although you might love for them to stop working for a bit, it’s just not in their nature. So the best gifts to get them are often anything that can make their work easier. It might not make them put down their latest project, but at least it could stop them getting too stressed. Try these ideas to make their work life more pleasant.

Organizational Tools

Being super organized is essential for someone who doesn’t know when to stop working. They’re likely to have several projects on the go at once. If they’re not doing something for work, they’re involved with something that looks an awful lot like work. Staying on top of everything can be hard, but you can help them stay organized. Sometimes the old-fashioned tools are the best, such as notepads and diaries. You can’t beat a paper diary for writing down appointments, even if a digital calendar can do a lot more. Anything related to stationery can help someone stay on track, from sticky notes to pens.


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Work Clothes and Accessories

Many people need to look smart at work. Even those who work in casual tech offices sometimes need to look a little smarter for meetings. Getting them something they can wear to the office is an excellent idea. If you want to buy them clothes, you could think about something they can wear often, such as shirts. Pick quality products, like Lanieri’s Italian shirt fabrics. You might prefer to consider an accessory instead. It can be hard to get the size and style right for clothing. Ties and socks are always popular, but you can think outside of the box too.


Technology is more important than ever in business. Your workaholic is sure to spend a lot of time answering emails or making phone calls. There are many useful gadgets or accessories to go with them that can be useful for work. If someone travels a lot for business, they might enjoy a portable power bank to keep all their gadgets charged. A protective case for their tablet or portable internet hotspot could also be useful gifts for business travelers.

Relaxing Incense Sticks

Rest and relaxation are equally as important as work and play are. Help your workaholic friend or loved one relax and relieve stress.  They can light up the sticks as they lounge in bed, meditate, or do yoga to soothe their mind and body and recover from the day’s stress.

Encouraging Downtime.

Even though it can be hard to get workaholics to enjoy a break, everyone needs one sometimes. If you want them to have a rest, you can get them something fun. It might not make them take a vacation, but at least they can have a few minutes of relaxation time. It could be anything they like, or you could introduce them to something new. If you want to ensure they will do something fun, buy them an experience, perhaps even for a set date. They could do anything from golfing to going to a concert.

If you can’t get your workaholic to relax, you can at least help to reduce their stress. One of these gifts might do the trick.


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