How To Train Your Dog: 5 Crucial Tips

Being a pet parent has many obligations, but one of the most crucial ones is allocating time and resources to the dog’s training. Dog training is essential to pet parenting to make them well-behaved, keeping their pet away from trouble. But everybody knows dog training is not as easy as it seems as it needs proper equipment like Ravenox leather dog leash, dog treats, clickers, etc., to start the sessions. Also, parents need to research how to start it, what all points should be kept in mind during sessions, and how to use the tools. Some of the crucial tips that pet parents should know are listed below: 

Tips to know before starting to train your dog

     1. Use positive reinforcement

All veterinarians believe the best way to train a dog is through positive reinforcement. Essentially, it emphasizes praising your pet for appropriate conduct rather than penalizing inappropriate behavior. When your dog behaves nicely and follows your directions, reward them. Rewarding excellent conduct strengthens the link between good behavior and positive outcomes.

     2. Be consistent

It’s crucial to maintain consistency in your teaching. This involves being consistent in how to educate the dog, such as by consistently using the same term and tone while giving instructions. 

All the family members also need to be on the same page to develop good behavior consistently. For example, if you never let the dog on the sofa, but your spouse does, your dog will become confused since dogs require consistency to develop new habits. 

Also, keep the teaching tools the same throughout the sessions, for example, using a Ravenox leather dog leash. However, using another leash like a flat leash that is inflexible or a rubber leash that offers less control can cause discomfort to your dog. Thus, be consistent in using the same tools.  

     3. Use leather leash 

These are long-lasting, durable leashes that help you in the teaching sessions. There are many different types of leather leashes available in the market::

  • Braided Leash: Leather that has been braided for greater tensile strength
  • Tracking Leash: Long leashes for exercising 
  • Pull Tabs: These are short leash that gives you more control over your pet
  • Couplers: To tie two dogs with one leash
  • Leather leash with padded handles

     4. Start sessions as early as possible

When a dog is at an early age, the learning capability is higher than when they grow old. Hence, pet parents should start the sessions as soon as possible. But here, you also need to see the appropriate education for your dog according to age. For example, dogs don’t have effective bladder control until 12 to 16 weeks, so giving toilet instructions to a dog is useless as their body doesn’t allow them to have control. 

     5. Remove all distractions

Distractions are the main obstacle to a productive session. Dogs may easily become sidetracked by several things. So to avoid distractions during training sessions, close the windows, put their toys out of the way, and do it away from other family members. Additionally, dogs gradually lose attention even without distractions; hence, the ideal length for your sessions should be 10 and 15 minutes only.

Training your new family member to behave well at home and outside is an excellent way to bond with them. Education is crucial for dogs as they need to learn behaviors that safeguard them from getting into trouble. But as training is not just a day thing, one needs to be very patient and spend a little bit on buying equipment like Ravenox leather leash, dog treats, etc.; they need to show care and love throughout the training session. 



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