What can an employment lawyer do for you?

Employment law can be a tricky thing to get your head around and with so much competition out there it can be difficult to know where to look for information. Reputable law firms, like HKM, are able to shed light on what an employment lawyer can do for you. Though it may be intimidating for you to go speak to someone who is professional. With such a vast subject, there is no surprise that there is confusion about what an employment lawyer does and what they can do for you. Here is a little idea of what they get up to daily. 

Explaining rights

One of the key jobs of any employment lawyer is to explain a client’s rights to them. It includes the applicable laws that apply to their case and being able to present their options clearly and concisely so that the client can make an informed decision. This usually includes litigation, mediation, and negotiation. As well as this, the lawyer will be able to explain the pros and cons of all of the options and provide you with a little advice on the best way to proceed with the case. 


An employer’s least favourite word. This common task makes sure that a business or employer is compliant with various laws, usually state and federal laws. This can include drafting policies and informing employers so that they do not discriminate against their employees based on race, color, gender, or color. They can also help a business to comply with environmental regulations and defend employers in front of government boards or agencies. 

Complaint filing

Most employment lawyers deal with claims filed by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission and other government agencies when an employee pursues a private cause of action. An employment lawyer will help an employee file a complaint with the correct agency and explain the limits on it. This can include time or other related factors. 


Employment lawyers are experts in litigation when it comes to employment lawsuits. They can represent employees who are filing a lawsuit against their employer whether it is for wrongful termination, wage claims, denied benefits, or discrimination. However, they also defend employers when needed. Employers may file lawsuits against employees if they have violated agreements from their contracts like non-compete and confidentiality agreements. 

Work injury claims

One of the biggest things that any employment lawyer has to deal with is a work injury claim. These happen all the time and often lead to cases in court. Whether they are representing an employer or a victim, one of the things that a lawyer will do is to empathize with the case and make sure that they can get the best deal. There is a lot to consider with these cases so you should speak to one if you think it applies to you. 

Employment lawyers

These are necessary aspects of any business. You should make sure to contact a company if you think that you could use them. They often offer free consultancy so there is no harm in asking. 


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