Traveling With A Baby: Your Survival Guide

Having a new baby is wonderful and you will be overjoyed. But traveling can be a pain (polite version) as any parent who has had the pleasure will tell you. Here we can look at a few handy ways we can make life easier in this way. Our short survival guide will save you a nightmare of a trip and leave you able to just enjoy the time with you and your little one.

Pack At Least Three Of Everything

If you don’t know by now you will very soon, babies are messiness personified, puke, poop, food and a million other unique ways they can find of making clothes unwearable. You can never have enough changes of outfit when it comes to a baby and even the most prepared parent has been caught out, so take three changes, at least. Cleaning up after an incident is challenging enough without running out of clean clothes.

Don’t Forget Changes, For You!

It’s the easy thing to make finely detailed plans for baby and forget yourself. This applies in all aspects of life, food, sleep, etc. But a change of clothes is one that regularly catches us out, as they are going to puke and spit on you and on the wrong day poop! They also have an uncanny knack of timing these things just when you least need it, so if you are ready for work and handing over to your partner or baby-sitter, this is prime time for a big blob of spit!

Cleaning Products, Essential.

A well-stocked bag of cleaning products and, basically, everything else that can be thought of in the world is essential. Make sure everything is in there and organized, a nice bag to keep your toiletries in is a good idea, for example. Diapers, pacifiers, toys, baby books can all be easily forgotten as well so make a check-list for your bag and you can’t forget anything then, or at least you’ve only got yourself to blame if you do!

Be Prepared For Rude People

You’d think that everyone loves seeing a baby and that how could anyone have an issues and although we’ve covered strangers being too close to your baby before, there is the opposite problem as well. Not everyone is understanding or accommodating if have a pram or push-chair and are struggling to get on a train or through a door, my husband even had some guy take issue about him bringing our 6-month-old girl into a male toilet, you couldn’t make it up.

Food & Medicine

Finally, make sure you have adequate supplies of baby food with you as it’s not always possible to get the stuff you need or want while out and about. This way you’re not going to be stressing about giving baby something you’re not familiar with. Also, any medication that’s needed for you or the little one and even basic things like baby paracetamol in case of anything, especially if the little darling is teething or something similar


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