uKnowKids , how safe are your children on the internet?

Looks like everywhere you turn you here parents talk about their children on the internet. Rather it’s for school or them just surfing and chatting with there friends. But do we really know who they are talking too? We know that little Johnny comes over to visit and Mary comes over to do homework but what are they like on the internet.

It’s so easy for our children to fall into peer pressure. The internet is not as safe as you expect it to be you may think your children are interacting with there friends but lord and behold some are interacting with adults as well as children who help to influence your child’s behavior.

With the new parent on-line site called uKnowKids parents can monitor their children while they are on- line, all social sites, facebook, myspace and twitter. uKnowKids can search sites they us parents may not even know about. This site can even monitor your childrens cell phones. I like how you can see every private or public photo that your children adds to any of these social sites.

uKnowKids gives us parents the tools we need to keep our children safe from bulling, lurking predators or any inappropriate behavior that they may used on-line. You can get email notifications at once when uKnowKids feel your child is at risk….that tool itself is a reward who wouldn’t want to know that? I know I sure would.

With the way society has changed for our children; knowing everything when my kids are utilizing the internet is a must for me (You can’t trust anyone!!!) You can purchase uKnowKids for $9.95 per month or  $99.95 a year. Installing uKnowKids is as easy as one, two, three. Once it’s up and ready you will see your child’s dashboard along with a summary of  activities, you (the parent) will have the ability to see or delete any post or photos that may be harmful to your child or someone else child.

You can learn more about this wonderful site here at Let them help you keep your kids safe while being on the internet. It’s a great way for parents to have control while your child is visiting all these social networks.

                                                      “It’ Better to Be Safe Then Sorry”!!!

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