Allergy Season Survival Tips

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August is coming to its end, which means that the summer heat is also being traded in for red and auburn hues, fallen leaves, and the cool, autumn breeze. The transition period in-between seasons is always the hardest — your wardrobe will go through an awkward phase, you may struggle between turning on the air conditioning or the heater, and most of all, your allergies are in full bloom.

With the allergy season right around the corner, it is pertinent to make ample preparations to prevent your skin from itching, your sinus from congesting, and your eyes from watering non-stop. From avoiding common triggers to utilizing preventive technology such as air purifiers for allergies, here are tips on how to survive allergy season.

Common Triggers To Avoid

A shift in the overall weather condition is a prime cause of allergies, specifically allergic rhinitis or hay fever. It is almost impossible to fully avoid a period of battling against your typical allergy symptoms, whether it be rashes, sneezes, or watery eyes. With the fall coming up, most people experience intermittent or continuous allergic reactions until the cold settles to a consistent temperature.

However, you may want to avoid grasses, trees, weed, and flowers, especially in the morning or after the rain. The humidity can heighten the allergic reaction that you receive from these natural elements. Additionally, dust mites, mold, spores, and sometimes even pet dander can trigger allergies, so it is pertinent to keep your home clean and dust-free.


You can reduce strong symptoms by picking up some over-the-counter medicine. Most people prefer antihistamines in the form of Loratadine or Cetirizine, but it is best to consult with your ENT or an allergy specialist for the best option. Having antihistamines on-hand and ready will help bring relief during the most difficult allergic reactions.

Air Purifier

It is pertinent to keep your home clean, especially if your primary trigger is dust or dander. However, it is difficult to maintain a dust-free home, especially when unseen micro dust particles often linger. In this case, consider picking up an air purifier to filter the air and stimulate a clean indoor environment.

Generally, air purifiers for allergies are equipped with large HEPA filters to absorb larger particles such as pollen. A purifier with strong airflow is also pertinent so that it can effectively clean the indoor air. While you can get a miniature, tabletop-sized air purifier, consider picking up a larger one to reach a wider surface area with enhanced effectiveness. A tip is to always choose an air purifier over a humidifier or diffuser. The former can absorb microparticles, clean the air, and offer relief from allergies.

Avoid The Outdoors

Going outside during the allergy season is a challenge as you can end up coming home to pollen-filled clothing and a severe allergic reaction from other natural elements. Check the weather forecast for the approximate pollen count and avoid going outside when it becomes too high — some allergies can reach a severity where you may need to go to the hospital, so it is best to be safe than sorry. Additionally, wear a mask and sunglasses to avoid getting pollen or dust into your nose and eyes.

Living with recurring allergies is a struggle, especially when the dreaded allergy season is drawing near. But you can significantly increase your quality of life and reduce the symptoms of your allergies by being hyper-aware of common triggers and exposing yourself to a clean environment.




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