5 Excellent Summer Jobs for Teenagers

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Summer is coming up, and things are starting to loosen up with COVID-19 restrictions. Your teenagers are looking for ways to make more money. They have their reasons for doing so. Maybe they want to help the family.

Good thing there are plenty of places looking for work. 2020 has made businesses take a hit with their employees. It is okay for your teen to get a job, but you have to keep in mind labor laws. While the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) of 1938 established a 40-hour workweek, minors cannot work for long hours at a time. Is this your teen’s first time getting a summer job? Here are five good jobs your teen may consider.

Fast Food Jobs

Most teenage jobs are found in the fast food industry. Nowadays, restaurants are desperate for new employees. Teenagers would like to answer the call. The fast food industry has many jobs to choose from. There is serving food to the customers at their tables and the job of a cashier. There is also cooking the food and making the drinks. Also, the restaurant has to be cleaned.

Fast food jobs are a good start to gaining skills for a teenager when they enter the career world as adults. They could learn cooking, cleaning, communication, customer service, and leadership skills. There are jobs that want applicants to have experience in any field of work.

Working at a Summer Camp

If fast food isn’t their style, there are other jobs out there. Some teens work at fun summer camps. There are camps out there that train and handle horses and other types of animals. Like with fast food jobs, teenagers can learn skills for a future career by working with both kids and animals.

Caring for children is a great first job. It teaches responsibility and time management skills. Working with animals is a more unique feature of a teenage job. By working with horses, your teen could learn how to care for the animal from birth to their senior stage, which is around 15-18 years old for a horse. A teen might even grow to love horses and working with kids before the summer is over. This could show your teen that they’re interested in becoming a vet tech or a veterinarian to work with animals or a teacher to work with children in the future.

Nanny Jobs and Babysitting Gigs

Does your teenager love children but doesn’t want to work with animals? They could look into babysitting gigs. There are websites that look for babysitters and nannies to help take care of children while the parents are away. Summer is coming up and kids are going to be home more often and in need of supervision.

Sometimes, the seasons do not matter to the jobs of the parents. Depending on the situation, they might not have anyone else to help with the childcare. Daycare might not be an option either. So, they turn to babysitters and nannies. This job could be good for teenagers who are interested in positions that involve childcare or teaching children in the future. Some might even learn how to become parents themselves. As a bonus, parents could be a good reference when they are looking for a job in the future.

Construction Assistant

Teenagers can help out on a construction site. Don’t you need experience in architecture to work on that? Not when teenagers are working as an assistant. They basically carry around the tools that are needed, hand them to the worker, and clean up the place. This job will also teach them skills they will learn for the construction world. Plus, they might see if they want to make a career in construction once they complete high school.

On top of that, the teenager could get a good workout each day. Some may view a construction career as a boring one, but it’s more important than you think. The home remodeling market is worth an estimated $450 billion, and it’s only expected to grow. Because of this, construction assistants will be needed for the foreseeable future.

Farming Assistant

Farming is another good job for summer. There are plenty of kids and teenagers who work on the farms in the countryside. This is a way of life for many, and those in the profession feed great populations. Teenagers will not only have something to put on their resume, but they can also get a good workout on the farm and feel a sense of pride from growing and raising their own food. Farming can also provide a good education on how the world works.

Your teenager looking for a job is a positive step in the right direction. All of these jobs will look fantastic on a resume, and your teen can also learn new skills they will need for the adult world. They will definitely end summer with stories to tell of their new and exciting experiences!


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